From warehouses to manufacturing facilities and kitchens to hospitals we’ll tailor a flooring system to match the demands of your space. Our wide range of coatings and industrial equipment will ensure minimal downtime and the application of a successful coating every time. We’ll work with you from beginning to end to make sure your project runs smoothly and allows you to get back to business as quickly as possible.

At Polytek Surface Coatings we have the right tools to get the job done. A key step to a successful installation is proper floor prep. We have an extensive line of equipment to ensure a successful and long-lasting coating application. Our equipment is designed to open up porosity, remove damaged or deteriorated concrete, and remove all chemicals and contaminants. The creation of a coarse profile allows the coating to deeply penetrate the concrete and ensures maximum adhesion to the concrete.

Part of the prep process also includes repair and restoration to the concrete where there may be minor cracks, pitting, or spalling. Our commercial installations carry a 5-year warranty against chipping, peeling, and delamination on all commercial floor coating systems. Call us today for an onsite consultation to determine the best floor coating system for your application. 

What We Cover

We provide commercial floor coatings for spaces including kitchens, restaurants, public restrooms, and many other public areas. From small coffee shops to banquet halls, we can help.

Guaranteed Benefits

Product Warranty: We back our products with a lifetime and 5-year warranty to protect your investment.

Expert Installation: You can be certain that your flooring will be properly installed with our certified and trained installation specialists. 

Custom Colors: If you want your locker room flooring to match your team colors, you can easily choose from a range of standard and custom colors.

Easy Cleaning: Our low-maintenance locker room and shower floor coating will keep your floors free of mold and mildew build-up. ​