Why Polyurea Patios are the Ultimate Multi-Purpose Family Patio Design

Most homeowners buy their dream home with raising a family in mind. The whole purpose of having extra rooms and a big yard is so your children can play there. And once you’ve bought your family home, it’s time to customize. You can build all the right hooks and shelves into your kitchen. Build little stair-steps so your toddlers can reach the sink. Add a built-in desk in the perfect place to bask in the morning sun. But what about the family patio?

The perfect family patio is a good place for outdoor crafts, water-hose battles, sunny picnics, and for parents to comfortably supervise from while kids play in the yard. But do you know the secret to the ultimate family-friendly patio design? It’s not good lighting or deck chairs, though those certainly help. It’s polyurea coating. This flexible, indoor-outdoor, water-resistant floor type is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant. It won’t crack, it’s a little bit bouncy, and it will make your landscaping look amazing. But best of all, your kids will love it. Here’s why:

A Moppable Patio

First of all, it’s a patio you can mop. It’s pretty darn challenging to keep most patios made of concrete, tile or porous wood clean enough to eat off of. But whether you’re dealing with picnic spills or a toddler in the ‘puts everything in their mouth’ stage, a polyurea patio is the perfect solution. This smooth versatile surface doesn’t absorb spills or ingrain dirt the way most patio types do. You really can get a polyurea patio sparkling clean, and not just once. Your patio will sparkle and be clean enough to eat off of every time you feel like wielding a soapy mop.

Comfy on Bare Feet

You and your children will walk on your patio barefoot. It’s a simple fact of life. You’ll want to bask in the sunshine in the summer without bothering to put on shoes, and there may be reasons to duck outside in the winter. But one of the most common patio mistakes is choosing a temperature-conductive tile that becomes burning-hot in direct sunlight or freezing cold in the winter.

Polyurea coating is an incredibly sturdy variant of plastic that resists reaching extreme temperatures. It will be delightfully warm for sunbathing in the summer and comfortably chill-resistant in the winter to keep your feet and you children’s bare feet safe all year long.

No Tile-Crack Plants

There are few patios in existence that don’t have a few little plants trying to grow up through the paving, cracked concrete, or deck boards This is the nature of plants. Anywhere even a few centimeters of dirt might gather, some tiny plant will try to grow. One of the great things about a polyurea patio is that there are no grooves and no possibility of cracks for dirt to gather or plants to grow in. So you’ll never have to worry about weeding your patio.

Make it a Water-Play Area

Polyurea is also a great surface for backyard features, or making your patio into a versatile sometimes-feature for outdoor play. Simply add a slightly lower area with a drain-path or an actual drain and you suddenly have a welcoming water-play area for your children. For small children, you can set up the water tables or kiddie pool without worrying about drowning your yard, while older kids can enjoy water balloon and hose fights on the springy water-resistant surface.

You can even add a water-feature spray that doubles as a play area and impressive patio decoration. Polyurea also isn’t rough like concrete, so it won’t scrape up their water-softened little feet.

Easy Cleanup for Outdoor Crafts

Some kids love arts and crafts, and the messier the better. Finger painting, chalk art, or a paper mache habit can wreak havoc on the cleanliness of your house. No matter how much productive fun your kids are having. But sending them outside can create an even bigger mess, bringing dirt and a potentially stained patio into the mix.

Unless you have a polyurea patio. With this shiny versatile coating, you can mop the area clean first for a dirt-free arts and crafts space. Then mop the patio up afterward for quick and easy cleanup no matter how messy the crafts may be. With a patio this easy to clean, you can let your kids paper mache to their hearts content without worrying about cleanup at all.

Sturdy Enough for Any Patio Furniture

And you don’t have to worry about heavy-duty cast iron patio furniture cracking your patio tiles. In a place that sometimes gets amazing wind as we do here in Minnesota, it’s important to have heavy patio furniture that can’t blow away in a storm. But that can also be risky if you have decorative patio tiles that might crack. Polyureas coating is not just a singular surface, it’s resistant and a little bit springy. It’s also a popular surface in industrial and manufacturing settings, meaning it can definitely stand up to your cast iron patio furniture. Even if you drop it from some height.

A Stylishly Sparkling Patio

Finally, we almost forgot to mention how attractive a polyurea patio floor can be. This type of surface comes in a variety of indoor-outdoor colors and patterns. It creates a beautifully smooth and resistant floor that is usually a little shiny and slightly sparkly to boot. It will look beautiful in the sunlight, accent your landscaping design, and make your patio furniture pop.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate utilitarian patio material or something to make your neighbors green with envy, a polyurea patio is the perfect versatile patio flooring solution. For more about polyurea coating in it’s many home and business uses, contact us today!