Why Minnesotans Need A Garage Floor Coating

Garage floor coatings are the hottest new trend. Are they just a bit of luxury aesthetics or is their real value in opting for this upgrade in the garage? Let’s examine some of the most important facts and benefits for homeowners who transform their garage with a quality floor coating.

More Substance Than Paint

A polyurea flexible coating goes way beyond splashing a bit of paint on the concrete surface of a garage floor. The formulation of a polyurea coating is key to protecting garage floors from the temperature extremes of Minnesota. Summer and winter weather means that garage floors in Minnesota are constantly contracting and expanding. Typical epoxy hybrid coatings that are popular just can’t handle the serious demand for extreme flexibility like polyurea does. To get a garage floor coating that has the greatest flexibility in extreme weather conditions, make sure that you choose the right substance.

Aging Gracefully

Another reason Minnesota homeowners should choose a polyurea coating is the long life of polyurea as compared to epoxy/hybrids. Curing is complete in a fraction of the time for polyureas, 24 hours, as compared to epoxy hybrids that only cure 80% in about a week’s time. The remainder of an epoxy hybrid’s  curing process stretches out over the long term. The result is that epoxy hybrids run the risk of becoming brittle and developing cracks as they cure throughout periods of fluctuating weather conditions. So, choose a polyurea to cure fast, flexible and durable.

Surface Strength Protects Your Investment

Many homeowners may ask themselves if it is really all that important to protect the surface of a garage floor. After all, it’s concrete. Shouldn’t it be able to handle all kinds of abuse? Why the need to protect it from abrasions and chemical spills? A garage floor is more than just a surface for your feet and all that is stored within a garage. That concrete surface you are looking at is part of your home’s foundation. Any crack or chemical spill creates a tiny weak spot that, over time and the effects of contraction and expansion, can grow larger and create the need for costly foundation repair. Polyureas are proven to be a stronger coating, withstanding much more surface abuse than typical epoxy hybrids. From impact resistance to acid spills, homeowners can provide the best protection for their greatest investment by choosing a polyurea garage floor coating.

What Exactly Is Polyurea?

If you have ever seen a rugged truck that has protected its bed with a spray-on liner, you have seen a polyurea coating. Garage floor polyurea coatings are the same substance, simply formulated for adherence to a concrete surface rather than metal. It penetrates deeply into the concrete which results in a molecular bond superior to that of an epoxy hybrid. 100% UV stable means that homeowners can carry their favorite color outside of the garage and into the outside parking area. The outside parking area will retain its color vibrancy for a seamless color transition from interior to exterior.

Start Coarse & Clean

Before applying a polyurea garage floor coating, technicians shot-blast the concrete surface. This method removes any contaminants and prepares the concrete surface to be more porous and coarse for a better bond with the coating. The process also addresses any deterioration of the  garage floor that may have occurred due to the presence of minerals or moisture. 

Finish Safer & Stronger

The application process of a garage floor coating should include chip broadcasting which will texturize the surface for skid resistance. This improves the safety quality of a garage floor coating. Still easy to clean, chip features in the coating does not affect its non-porous surface. With different color options, homeowners can introduce complementary tones to their color of choice.

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