Why investing in Residential Floor Coatings is a Good Idea Before Selling

If you are gearing up to sell your home, there are a few upgrades that can really go a long way. One is to take an honest look at your flooring covering indoor/outdoor areas such as garages, rec rooms, and basements. These areas can get a lot of use and plenty of wear-and-tear. Add in any contact with the elements, and you might have rapidly deteriorating flooring that needs an update. Here are five reasons you might want to invest in residential floor coverings in certain areas of your home before selling.

1. A Fresh Update

Making your home look new or at least remodeled can help with selling. One way to make your home look and smell fresh can be with flooring replacements in spaces in your home that take the most damage. A polyurea floor coating will immediately give your indoor and outdoor flooring a fresh, new look. Once your floors are newly sealed, follow up with a fresh coat of paint to completely transform an older space before your open house.

2. Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

If you live in an area of the country such as Minnesota with harsh winters and basements, you might have dampness lurking in your garage and basement. It can be hard to get rid of the smell of mold or mildew damage built up throughout the years. Mold and mildew can linger in older floor coverings such as laminate or wood. If you have existing flooring in an area of your home that might collect moisture or come in contact with the outdoors, a floor coating can immediately make your home safer and more appealing to buyers.

3. Helping With Staging

If you will be staging your home for open houses and for potential buyers to come through and view your home, all parts of your home will be on display. It will be hard to hide aging flooring, and this might look even more worn out with new furnishings brought into stage and your home. If internal areas of your home such as laundry areas and mud rooms have fresh flooring, these will have a chance to shine at open houses as well.

4. Enhancing a Deep Clean

If you are struggling to get your home looking like new even with a deep clean, sometimes your old flooring just won’t cut it. If you’ve scrubbed and cleaned out your home but this still looks dingy or outdated, a new flooring option inside and out can make all of the difference. A floor coating can be a quick update that will add another layer or cleanliness to your home before getting this on the market. If you have various areas of your home that are a part of your home but take a lot of wear and tear such as work rooms, sheds, or garages, a floor coating can be an immediate upgrade for your home.

5. Upgrading Auxiliary Areas of Your Home

Strategic upgrades around your home with it comes to appliances, kitchens, or bathrooms can be great. Another area to review are those considered extra spaces in your home, such as exterior buildings and garages. These additional spaces might make or break a sale for some potential buyers. If all spaces of your home are clean and upgraded it can make a huge difference. A residential floor coating can help bring these spaces up to par with the rest of your home and show off its full potential.

Opting for a residential floor coating can be a quick upgrade if you are trying to update your home to sell. Picking areas of your home that need a fresh looking floor is a great start. If you are in the Minnesota area and are gearing up to sell your home, contact us to help freshen up your flooring and make your home’s floors look great both inside and out.