Why Consider Commercial Floor Coating Installation? Ten Reasons

If you’ve invested in a quality floor for your business, you’ll want to protect it so that it stays looking new and professional for many years. That’s where commercial floor coating installation comes in. The benefits of a good floor coating go beyond the obvious, and here are ten.

Crack Prevention

Cracks allow insects and other pests into a business, and too many cracks results in a need for floor replacement. Repeated stress on a cracked floor also causes cracks to worsen over time. Floor coatings reduce the likelihood that cracks will develop in the first place.

Increased Safety

Certain floor coatings add a grainy or rough texture to smooth floors, making falls less likely to occur. They also offer fire resistance to add extra safety to business properties.

Dust Prevention

Concrete floors produce dust from salts that migrate to the concrete’s surface. Dust at the surface is a safety hazard because it makes the floor slippery. Floor coatings prevent loose dust at the surface by sealing the floor off.

Improved Lighting

The glossy finish of floor coatings reflects light well, providing increased illumination to a work area. Better lighting helps to prevent accidents. It also reduces energy costs associated with having to install extra lighting.

Easier Floor Cleaning

Coatings applied to concrete floors take away the porous nature of concrete, which can trap dirt and stain. This means less time and energy spent cleaning up messes and trying to remove stains. When spills occur, the coating prevents them from penetrating into the concrete. Instead, spills easily wipe off the coating’s surface.

Improved Aesthetics

Dusty, dull floors look dirtier than floors that have a shiny finish. Coated floors with a glossy sheen paint a more professional picture of a company. Coatings also come in different colors to suit the aesthetic needs of diverse businesses. Flooring is a prominent feature of a business, which is why it should make a positive first impression.

Mold Prevention

Businesses that have concrete floors risk mold development without a floor coating. This is because the porous concrete traps dust and organic material that serves as food for mold growth. Bacteria can also feed off these trapped particles. To maintain a healthy environment, business owners should apply floor coatings to rid concrete floors of their porosity.

Strength And Durability

Coatings add strength to floors, which can help them stand up better to wear and tear from heavy machinery. Added strength also provides protection against degradation from chemical spills. Floors with coatings are also more durable because the coating absorbs some mechanical energy. This energy would otherwise lead to chipping and stress cracks, which reduce a floor’s lifespan.

Great for Remodeling Jobs

If you’re remodeling your business but you don’t want to pay for an entirely new floor, consider adding a floor coating to make the floor look like new. The glossy sheen of a coating appears fresh and clean, which fits nicely with other remodeling updates. This new look also comes without the downtime involved in installing a completely different floor.

Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen floors are more likely to become wet than flooring in other areas, and in commercial kitchens, employees are moving around at a fast pace and often bumping into each other. Unfortunately, these conditions make falls more likely to occur. While mats can help, they harbor bacteria and require frequent cleaning for sanitation purposes. Investing in floor coating keeps employees in commercial kitchens safe and focused on the most important tasks of the business.

PolyTek Surface Coatings installs Penntek Industrial Coating systems for commercial floors in Minnesota. The advanced chemistry and superior technology in Penntek systems provide strong, lasting floor protection. To find out more about our coatings for commercial floors, please contact us.