Why Concrete Coatings In Minnesota Are a Must

Living in Minnesota means you get to experience the beauty of all four seasons. But as we know, winter is the harshest and most brutal season of them all. And when it comes to concrete, after enduring a harsh winter it may not be looking or functioning at its best.

So how can you improve your concrete without having to rip it up and replace the whole floor? The answer is simple: a concrete coating. Not only will it turn your run-down and damaged concrete into a thing of beauty, but it’s also going to improve its durability and functionality for you. 

Reasons Why Your Concrete Is Damaged

Deicers used on the roadways are actually very hard on concrete surfaces. So when you are driving on the road and then pull into your driveway or your garage, that deicer will slowly melt onto your concrete. Over time, this will actually begin to damage your flooring. In fact, in addition to chemicals that are used in the solution, it’s also the scraping you may be doing in your driveway that also begins to damage the concrete. So, with these things in mind, you can understand why your concrete would get damaged. 

Of course, winter is not all to blame for your damaged concrete. Age is another huge factor. If you’ve ever tried to sweep up a concrete garage, your may find that it’s a never-ending battle against concrete dust. This is because concrete is constantly being worn down and producing small amount of dust. So if you are the type of person that really wants your garage to be as clean as possible, you’ll simply never achieve this with regular concrete.

Why Get a Concrete Coating?

A concrete coating is a great solution for your worn-down and worn-out concrete floors. Not only is the floor going to look amazing, but it is going to function better than you could have expected. This is because of the process of concrete coating, in combination with the right, quality products. Together, the two can transform your concrete. For example, if you are working on your vehicle in your garage and you happen to spill oil, you already know that it’s going to leave a big stain. That’s because concrete is porous and therefore easily stained. With a concrete coating, you’ll be able to easily clean up any spill without staining the beautiful surface. 

In addition to the floor being stain resistant, you can also improve its overall safety. By adding a coating to the floor, you can help to reduce the risk of slipping on your concrete. Additionally, your concrete will be stronger to endure and withstand any deicer and salt used during the winter months. And with your new concrete coated floor being four times stronger than before, you will be pleased with your results. 

Not only will you increase the function of your concrete, but you will improve the appearance of the floor completely. With a 24 hour turnaround tune, you’ll have your gray, stained, cracked, pitted, spawled, and drab concrete turned into a thing of beauty. Because the turnaround rate is so fast from start to finish, your life won’t be inconvenienced during the duration of the work being completed. 

Living in Minnesota, you experience all sorts of weather. Out of all of them, the winter weather can be the most treacherous on your concrete. This makes getting your concrete coated a very smart decision, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits for years to come. After having your concrete coated, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful and durable flooring that you’ll be proud to show others for years to come. To get the process started for your concrete coating today, please contact us.