What To Expect With Polyurea Floor Coating Installation

If you’ve chosen to have polyurea floor coating installation, you’re on the right track to concrete that lasts. With polyurea floor coating, your concrete will stay in top-notch condition for many years. You won’t have to deal with problems like mold, cracks, or insect infestations, and floor coatings also make spills easy to clean up. Here are several things to expect when the professionals come to install your floor coating.

Dries Once Applied

Polyurea dries once a professional applies it to a concrete surface. It won’t dry out in its container or when exposed to air, which allows for a perfectly even, clump-free application. You’ll see it go on smoothly and become absorbed in every pore and crevice of the concrete. This deep absorption prevents the coating from cracking and peeling, as a coating that just sits on the surface might do. 

Fast Drying

Polyurea coatings have an advantage over epoxy coatings in that they dry a lot faster. In epoxy coatings, you have to wait 24 hours just to walk on the surface and a full 7 days before vehicles can ride on it. In polyurea coatings, you can walk on the surface 4 to 8 hours after the professionals apply it, and you can drive vehicles over it 24 hours after the application. This makes polyurea coatings especially ideal for businesses that can’t afford to lose revenue from downtime. 

Minimal-To-No Odor

During the application, you can expect minimal-to-no odor from the coating material. That’s because polyurea coatings are low in volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds are chemical gases emitted from certain products, and they’re associated with short and long-term negative health effects. Their unpleasant odor can annoy you if you’re a homeowner and lose you business if you have a company. This is especially true if you’re coating an indoor floor, which is why polyurea coatings are always a good choice for indoor surfaces. 

Quick Installation

If installation time is important to you, you’ll want to choose a polyurea coating over an epoxy one. That’s because epoxy coatings take 2 to 3 days for professionals to install, and polyurea coatings take less than a day to apply. You’ll want to make sure to have a professional install the coating, however. A person without proper experience can take over a day to apply a polyurea coating, and a novice may also not apply it properly.  

Service Reliability

Polyurea coatings don’t require a certain environmental temperature for application. Therefore, you can have confidence your coating service won’t have to cancel the appointment due to extreme temperatures. A good service will show up reliably even in extreme hot or cold weather to apply a polyurea coating. The precise temperature range for applying polyurea is from -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Slip-Resistance Application

After application of the top coat aggregate, professionals can apply slip resistance to add traction to the surface. If your floor is in a bathroom, kitchen, or other place that tends to get wet and slippery, you’ll want to opt for slip resistance. For pool-area concrete, slip resistance protection is certainly a must. Professionals have certain ways to add texture to a coated surface that provides this protection.  

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