What Kind of Textured Look Do You Want for Your Commercial Flooring?

If you’re looking for an epoxy flooring for your commercial garage, office flooring, or store, you know what the benefits are. Epoxy flooring promises long-lasting durability, easy maintenance, and a professional-looking shine that makes your commercial property look new, clean, and inviting to customers. The only questions left are a matter of what key features you’re looking for when it comes to your specific building. Do you need the flooring installed quickly? Are you in the market for the strongest flooring possible because you expect a lot of high-impact traffic? Do you want the flooring to have a luminescent sheen that matches your store’s high-end decor? No matter what your commercial property is being used for, an epoxy floor can match it. Here are the three epoxy flooring variations for a textured look:

The Chip System:

Commercial floors need to be both durable and slightly textured for a non-slip surface that lasts. Choosing a vinyl chip epoxy gives you that strong, textured surface that looks professional and has colored chips that can match your business’s color scheme. The chip epoxy flooring also cures very quickly, which means less time with closed doors. Chip epoxy floorings start with a

Chip epoxy floorings start with a base coat that grips tightly to the concrete underlayer for permanent adhesion, then a solid layer of flakes. You can choose a single color or a blend of neutral colors if you’re a commercial property owner who rents to a variety of tenants, or you can customize it to match the colors of your logo. The flakes are topped with a polyurea topcoat, a chemical-resistant finish that protects the flooring from spills and stains. The flooring is also UV stable, which means it won’t discolor from long exposure to sunlight or weaken from UV rays. 

This flooring can be used anywhere from rest rooms to show rooms, and it will keep its gloss even in high traffic areas.

The Quartz System:

Just like the chip system, the quartz system gives your commercial building a damage-resistant, long-lasting floor in a variety of colors. But this flooring type promises even more durability and abrasion resistance. The extreme strength of this flooring choice comes through in its double layers of quartz and binding material for a thick, chemical- and impact-resistant floor that can withstand anything you throw at it.

This five-layer flooring can also be installed in the colors of your choosing, and it offers slip resistant and durability in a wide variety of settings. This flooring is perfect for areas like commercial kitchens and walk-in freezers that have high variations in temperatures and need slip-resistant flooring for both safety inspections and fast movement in the day-to-day course of business. It can also withstand a variety of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, so install this flooring in showers, and loading areas that can face high-impact traffic from forklifts and chemical spills.

The Metallic System:

All floors need to be strong and long-lasting, but sometimes you need a floor that adds a wow factor to the appearance of your commercial space. If you’re renovating a boutique, show room, commercial dining area, the metallic system creates an epoxy floor coating with a metallic sheen of natural pigmentation that can accent any color scheme or mood. This metallic epoxy floor is made with a tinted epoxy and a metallic coat, covered by a topcoat that offers slip resistance and abrasion resistance so the floor is as safe as it is beautiful.

No matter what business you’re in, PolyTek Surface Coatings has an epoxy floor coating system that is the perfect fit for your building. Contact us here to set up a consultation or to browse our samples of chip, quartz, and metallic flooring.