Understanding Epoxy Flooring

There are different flooring options from polished concrete to epoxy flooring. When epoxy flooring is the choice, as many commercial establishments in the Twin Cities have opted for, it is important to understand the flooring.

At Polytek Surface Coatings, we offer a wide range of floor coatings and sealing products, such as Urethanes and Epoxies that comply with Federal and local VOC regulations. There are many reasons why epoxy flooring systems for home or business are beneficial

Good Chemical Resistance

Epoxy floor coverings have a surface that is highly impenetrable and resistant to some of the most corrosive chemicals, which makes it a perfect floor covering option for residential garages, industrial plants, car dealerships, barns, aircraft hangars, kennels, and much more. Anywhere where the floor may be exposed to chemicals, epoxy floor coatings can stand up to it. This ensures that the floor would last much longer than it would otherwise. The coating also makes cleanup of the chemicals much easier than they would be otherwise. In other words, maintenance is made easier.

Hygenic Floor Coating

Our Minneapolis polished concrete and epoxy floor coating specialists are able to give you flooring that is also hygienic. Epoxy provides you with a surface that is bacteria free and ideal for hospitals, restaurants, labs, healthcare facilities, aerospace facilities, schools, kennels, and many others. If the environment where the flooring is needed must be kept clean, then this is a step that you can take to achieve that.

Impact And Slip Resistant Flooring

1005 solids epoxies posses three to four times the PSI or compression strength of bare concrete. This makes epoxy floor coverings ideal for loading docks, warehouses, or anywhere where there may be a lot of impact. If there will be forklifts, cars, trucks, or pallet jacks being used, you want flooring that is going to hold up to the impact.

And because of the aggregate broadcast that is integrated into the epoxy, you get a coating that is perfect for areas with high pedestrian traffic, even when it is wet. This is important in areas where slippage could occur without a high traction coating.

High Aesthetic Appeal

Decorative epoxies can create a good impression with visitors or customers. Epoxy floors can be customized in a number of ways with a number of decorative effects being available. Many businesses like for their colors to be integrated into their flooring. That is something that has been made possible with epoxy flooring that allows for the integration of decorative aggregate broadcast.

Expert Minneapolis Epoxy Flooring Installation

Our Minneapolis & St. Paul concrete polishing and floor coating experts will apply the floor coating that you want and need. The result is a floor that lasts much longer than it would otherwise. To find out if epoxy floor coatings, polished concrete or another floor coating is right for you, call Polytek surface Coatings at 952-236-9837.