Tips for Living With Your Newly Coated Garage Floor

If you have recently completed coating your garage floor or are thinking about doing so, there are a few things you’ll want to know about your new life with a shiny protected garage floor. Having a coated concrete floor is very different from a raw untreated concrete floor for a wide variety of reasons. To start with, you no longer have to deal with stains or puddles soaking into the porous concrete and the floor is now much easier to clean because of the shiny moisture-proof and chemical resistant surface. However, you may also notice that your experience on the floor also significantly changes.

Polyurea garage floor coating is incredibly smooth and durable. This makes it easy to clean and keep in good condition but it’s also significantly more slippery than your raw concrete floor was before the complete coating. Therefore, you may want to spend some time preparing for your new life with a high-end indoor-quality garage floor. To help you adapt, we have some friendly pointers and things you might need now that your garage floor is smooth and snazzy.

Shop Vacuum

You might think of starting with a broom in your garage and that’s never a bad idea. Brooms are great for picking up dropped nails, broken pieces, and debris to large for a vacuum. However, one of the best things about a smooth floor is that you don’t need a broom to keep it dirt and dust-bunny free. For the normal buildup of small dry dirt in the corners and over the surface, you can simply run your vacuum cleaner over the floor and it will quickly suck up all the dirt and dust so your floor is spotless again.

Mop and Bucket

Mopping concrete is nobody’s idea of an efficient cleaning task, partly because both the gunk on the floor and the mop water absorb directly into the concrete and there’s little you can do to clean that. With a slick new garage floor coating, on the other hand, you’re going to want a fresh new mop to keep it sparkling clean rather than that old stained shop mop. Replace your mop and make sure you have a nice clean bucket to go with it. This is your opportunity to make your garage shop shine in a way that’s sure to impress your spouse and visiting neighbors.

Area Rugs

One important note about a freshly coated polyurea garage floor is that that scuff and chemical resistant coating is also surprisingly slippery. The smooth sealant is great for your garage floor and perhaps a little more hazardous to people. Especially right after you’ve mopped or if there’s a spill. To this end, always wear shoes with good traction in the garage from now on and consider a few rubber-backed area rugs in the spaces you tend to walk and stand. This can add a visual dynamic to your floor to break up the appearance of the smooth coat and increase the safety for spaces you often traverse.

Rubber Furniture Feet

Finally, don’t forget that slipperiness applies to furniture too. If you have a few benches, stands, and tool chests arranged in your garage shop area, take a few moments to firmly attach a collection of little rubber feet. While the floor coating is likely to be safe from any accidental scratches, the rubber feet will keep your shop tables and equipment from sliding around while you’re trying to work.

Living with your new garage floor coating can drastically improve your garage environment and the quality of your garage shop. For more information about how to choose the right floor coating for your home or how to adapt to the new coating after its installed, contact us today!