Three Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home Through Garage Renovation

The housing market is booming across the country. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you might also be thinking about a few quick renovations you can make to increase the sellability of your home that aren’t outside your budget and that you can also enjoy. Here are some of the ways you can add extra value to your home through giving it extra curb appeal and durability.

What are some of the best renovations to add sellability and curb appeal to your home?

  • Have nice flooring in high-traffic and high-visibility areas. Flooring is one of the first things people notice, and it’s not always for positive reasons. Old carpets can have stains and worn spots, and because white, black, and dark colors are generally avoided for carpeting due to discoloration, potential tenants or owners might object to your color choice. Laminate tiles can show their age, and wood floors might squeak or show scratches. Even the bare concrete floor in your garage makes a statement: years of oil and chemical stains, dirt, and the hairline cracks that every house develops over time are on display. Everyone looking at your home will at least glance in the garage, and if they see it through the main exterior door, there will be plenty of sunlight. You want to be sure the garage has well-maintained flooring, and that means a floor coating. Not only can our application of polyurea floor coating cover old blemishes and fix hairline cracks, the floor will withstand future wear and tear. Instead of this being a renovation you add just before you put your home on the market, this is a feature you can add now and enjoy for years yourself.
  • Make your garage seem roomier than it is. Garages are getting bigger and bigger in new homes. This is because families are collecting more cars: instead of one per family, the number is creeping quickly up to one per person. If you live in an older home, that can put you at a potential disadvantage with a one-car garage. Also, garages double as general storage and miniature DIY workshops. While you can’t necessarily do anything to increase the size of your garage’s floor space, you can certainly make your garage seem roomier. Polyurea floor coating brightens up the space because the reflective coating bounces in light from the open door and gets rid of dusty, shadowy corners that no one really wants to use. This means you can add shelving or store tools and lawn equipment without making your garage look crowded. To really maximize this effect, choose a chip coating that has a mix of light or bright colors as well as the darker chips that diminish the appearance of spills that haven’t been mopped up.
  • Fix up areas that other homeowners don’t consider. Everyone, buyers and sellers alike, focuses on aspects of a home like light fixtures and countertops. While that means you certainly have to factor in those popular touchpoints into any home renovations you do, there’s also a long list of factors that buyers aren’t consciously considering and that other sellers don’t think about, and that’s your opportunity to make your home memorable. Garages are routinely one of the most unfinished rooms in a house: the floor is bare concrete with crumbly corners (especially if you have a small step leading to your interior door), and the walls and ceiling are likely to have an incomplete paint job. Most people expect garages to have that default unfinished look, and sprucing it up will make your home stick in people’s minds as far more buyable. A polyurea floor is an indication of a homeowner who takes care of their property, and every time potential buyers or tenants look at another house’s garage, they’ll remember that your’s looked much nicer.

Adding a floor coating is a great, inexpensive way to radically increase the sellability and appeal of your home. Even more than that, it’s an addition that you can receive countless benefits from for years before you sell your home: it makes for a brightly lit garage that’s nicer to spend time in, with protected and more durable concrete floors. If you want to see PolyTek Surface Coatings’s selection of coatings or you want to set up a consultation, please contact us here.