The Top Reasons to Consider Minnesota Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings for Your Business

Over time, industrial and commercial floors are subjected to a great deal of stress and abuse. Heavy traffic, as well as impact from heavy equipment on its surface, can cause your concrete floors to quickly become cracked and damaged over a relatively short period of time. When this happens, you will have to contemplate your next course of action; should you have your concrete flooring replaced, or should you consider an epoxy floor coating, which has become an increasingly popular option in recent years. If you are trying to decide what to do about your business’s damaged concrete floors, here are just a few of the benefits Minnesota commercial epoxy floor coatings can provide your business with.

Improved Aesthetics

Business owners are often surprised to see just how drastically an epoxy floor coating can alter the look of their facilities. An epoxy floor coating will not only cover up your dirty, stained, damaged concrete floors, but also, with a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from, an epoxy floor coating will be able to completely transform the look and feel of your business by brightening up your dark, drab concrete floors.


Not only can a commercial floor coating cover up and transform your damaged concrete floors, but this flooring option is also much more cost-effective than having your concrete floors replaced. This is due to the fact that rather than having to tear up and redo your concrete floors, your new coating can be installed directly on top of your existing floors, making this a much cheaper, and easier choice. In fact, epoxy floor coatings are much easier to install, taking only a fraction of the time that it would take to completely replace your concrete flooring, which can further save you money by reducing the amount of time your facility will be disrupted by construction.


Epoxy-coated concrete floors are also much more durable than stand-alone concrete floors are. Epoxy commercial floor coatings are engineered to withstand the trauma of almost any industrial and commercial environment, and are resistant to damage including cracking, denting, and staining. This makes them the ideal flooring option for a variety of commercial applications, as they will last much longer than concrete floors alone would, and they will not require the expensive repairs and upkeep that concrete floors often require.


As was previously touched upon, these commercial floor coatings are also extremely low-maintenance compared to other commercial flooring options. Unlike concrete, epoxy-coated floors are a non-porous surface. This means that dirt, debris, and chemicals will not absorb into this surface, and can easily be wiped clean. Little effort will be required to keep these floors looking as clean and pristine as the day they were installed.


Compared to concrete floors, epoxy-coated floors also provide a safer working environment. This is because these industrial coatings are designed to be slip-resistant to reduce injuries, and do no absorb extreme temperatures in the way concrete floors do. Furthermore, epoxy floors are fire-resistant; this helps to maintain the safety of your working environment, and helps to maintain the structural integrity of your building, in the event of a fire.

Overall, commercial epoxy floor coatings provide many benefits to business-owners, which is why it is unsurprising that they become a popular choice for application in a variety of commercial and industrial settings in recent years. From warehouses, to factories, to hospitals, epoxy floors have proven to be a versatile option suited to a variety of applications. However, we have only touched upon a few of the benefits here that industrial floor coatings provide business-owners with. Contact us to learn about more of the reasons why you should consider an epoxy floor coating for your business.