The Top 3 Benefits Of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings in Minnesota

Whether you want to improve business at your Minnesota auto body shop, or you are looking to give your home’s garage a fresh, clean look, there are many reasons to consider adding an epoxy floor coating to your garage floor. While there are many garage floor coating options available for you to choose from to have installed in your garage, each of which brings its own benefits to garage owners, there are several reasons why epoxy is one of the most popular garage floor coating options. If you are considering having your garage floor coated, here are 3 benefits of epoxy garage floor coatings in Minnesota.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Before discussing the benefits of epoxy garage floor coatings, the first question that most readers are likely asking is “what exactly is epoxy?” Perhaps the most important thing to remember about epoxy is that it is not paint. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating to a surface. Unlike paint, which dries, epoxy cures through a chemical reaction that is triggered when the ingredients of the epoxy are mixed together. During this curing process, polymer structures are formed that gives epoxy its strength and durability. The end result is a substance much thicker than paint that bonds to a properly prepared surface during the curing process, and that protects, and enhances the look of, the flooring it is covering.

Improve the Strength and Durability of Your Garage Floor

Concrete garage floors which have been coated in epoxy last considerably longer than they would have otherwise. The epoxy coating helps to protect your concrete floors and helps it to resist wear. The strength of epoxy floor coatings means they can last considerably longer than other flooring options. This makes epoxy floor coatings cost-effective, as they can extend the life of your garage floor. Furthermore, epoxy floor coatings can allow you to rejuvenate the look of your garage at a much lower cost than garage floor replacement.

A Low-Maintenance Option

Another benefit of epoxy floor coatings is that they are extremely low maintenance when compared to the concrete flooring most businesses have in their garages. This is due to the fact that epoxy is much less porous than concrete, which often absorb liquids such as motor oil. This makes epoxy-coated concrete floors much easier to clean and maintain, as spilled automobile fluids can be cleaned without having to worry about it leaving unsightly stains on your garage floor, which means that your epoxy floors will keep their fresh, clean look for years to come

Aesthetically Appealing

Aside from being a functional and affordable flooring option for your garage, epoxy floor coatings also look great. One of the primary reasons people are led to choose epoxy floor coatings is due to their brilliant look, and the fact that they are available in a variety of colors and design options. With epoxy floor coatings, there is a wide array of options you can choose from that will help dramatically improve the look of your garage. This can be extremely beneficial for business owners who can attract customers with their transformed garage.

As you can see, when having your garage floors coated, there are many reasons to consider choosing an epoxy coating. In fact, we have only been able to touch upon a few of the benefits here that epoxy floor coating can bring to your garage. Contact us to find out about more of the reasons to consider an epoxy floor coating for you garage, as well as to find out about how you can get a free estimate for your garage.