The Steps of a Fast And Effective Floor Coating Installation

If you have a concrete floor that has some damage, stains, or cracks, you don’t have to fear that it’s beyond hope. With a fast and effective floor coating installation, you can have a floor that will look better than it ever has and function fantastically for your needs.

Can My Floor Be Coated?

Concrete floors withstand a lot of wear and tear, and will almost naturally get damaged over time as a result. Although concrete is strong, everyday exposure to heavy use, vehicles, and deicing salt and chemicals can be damaging. If you use your garage on a regular basis, or even if you run a business that has a concrete floor, chances are that it is or will eventually become stained and imperfect.

But that just means that your floor is ripe for a coating. The vast majority of concrete floors can be coated; to be sure whether your floor fits the bill ask professionals complete an evaluation on your floor. 

First Things First: The Evaluation

Naturally, this first step is a very important part in the coating installation process. That’s because no two concrete floors are alike. The hardness, moisture content, and even the structure of your floor determine the concrete preparation necessary for a successful coating job. In order to ensure that you have a smooth, even, and beautiful coating, your floor has to be evaluated to determine how to fix any existing problems and prepare the floor for the coating.

Fix Preexisting Problems

After your floor has been evaluated, a plan of action is put into place. Special menders and fillers are used to repair any damaged areas of the floor. This is a very important step in the coating installation, because it helps to ensure a beautiful and smooth finish. Different types of damage require different types of fixes to make sure that everything is repaired properly and effectively. 

If you were to attempt to coat your own floor and not properly repair existing damage, you will come to find that your coating is imperfect and uneven, leading the cracks to resurface and further damage your DIY coating. Professionals, on the other hand, can ensure that the damaged areas will be fixed and that the fixes will last.

Finalizing the Preparation

Of course, preparing your concrete floor goes beyond fixing damaged areas. It also needs to include creating the ideal surface to accept the coating. It may seem counter intuitive, but a smooth surface is anything but ideal as preparation for a coating. 

On the other hand, a roughed-up surface created by a Shot Blaster will give you the best possible starting point. To finish out your preparation, it’s crucial to create this rough surface while also grinding away any weak concrete, stains, and other debris. Sweep the debris away, and your floor is ready for coating.

Let The Coating Begin

There are several steps in a typical chip coating. First is the application of a base coat, followed by a broadcasting of color flakes. These chips are what will give your floor an almost stone-like appearance, while also providing a great non-skid surface. Then, the chips get scraped in order to remove any loose or vertical standing chips, before a clear coat is applied to add a beautiful finish. 

When you work with professionals, all of the above steps (from evaluation to the final coat) will only take a single day. And after 4 to 6 hours of cure time, you can already walk on the surface. Every type of concrete flooring, from a garage floor to a kitchen floor or a commercial floor, will go through the same steps and take approximately the same time. 

In other words, a coating installation is a fast and effective way to increase the durability of your floor, making it look great again. When you are ready to make a big change to your floor in a short amount of time, please contact us.