The Problems with DIY Garage Floor Kits

Epoxy garage floor coatings have many benefits. They elevate the look of your garage by transforming plain cement into an attractive, durable floor. Garage floor coatings also cover existing imperfections. They create a resistance to chemicals, chips, and stains. They resist moisture and make cleaning up road salt a breeze, which is convenient in Minnesota winters. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder garage floor coatings are popular among homeowners. However, if you decide to DIY an epoxy garage floor, you may get unexpected results. Here, we will go over why it’s important to leave this job to the experts.

Quality of Materials

Most garage floor kits you find in hardware stores don’t have the same quality materials the professionals use. The materials contained in many of these kits are basically fortified latex. In order to create and market these products as easily applicable, manufacturers use a combination of solids and water based material. What this means is that although the consumer may have an easier time installing the floor coating, only 50% of the material actually stays on the floor. This is due to the absorption and evaporation of the water based materials. This significantly reduces the thickness and the durability of the final product. Professional grade materials used by experts contain 100% solids, making the coatings tougher, longer lasting, and overall higher in quality than the store-bought stuff.

Effective Preparation

Before installation of an epoxy garage floor coating, thorough preparation is essential. It’s often more labor and time intensive than homeowners expect. In addition, the normal etching preparation recommended by do it yourself kits is not typically enough to ensure the best possible adherence.  Professionals use a variety of preparation methods depending on the type and state of the floor. Shot blasting, grinding, removal of loose concrete, and pit preparation all contribute to a surface that accepts the epoxy coatings and creates the strongest possible bond. Perfect preparation is a necessary component to a successful epoxy flooring installation.

Proper Installation

Do it yourself epoxy floor kits often sell consumers on ease and quickness of the application process. As mentioned earlier, part of this is because of the water-based materials. These kits usually call for a simple one-coat painting of the floor with a primer, color, and clear coat contained in one mixture. This may make coating the floor as simple as painting a wall, but it produces results that are far from professional quality. Adherence, thickness, and durability are severely compromised when compared to the expert installation of garage floor coverings.

In order to get a high-quality floor coating that will last through years of wear and tear, professional installation includes several steps and layers. These steps and layers include a base and color coat, flaking, scraping, vacuuming, and a clear coat. This multi-step installation process, along with attention to detail and experience, provides results that no DIY epoxy floor kit can come close to.

If you are interested in transforming your garage floor with an epoxy coating, consider the above-mentioned reasons before choosing a do it yourself kit over the experts. Professional grade materials as well as preparation and installation expertise make a world of difference in not only toughness, but also in appearance.

At PolyTek Surface Coatings, we have the materials, the experience, and the passion to give you a long-lasting, tough, and good-looking garage floor coating that you can enjoy for many years. Our floor coverings hold up to hot tires, wear and tear, impacts, spills, and harsh Minnesota winters. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an installation, please contact us.