The Importance of Fast and Effective Floor Coating Installation

Having your floor coated is a smart decision. Whether you own a business, a home, or even a large warehouse space, a floor coating is a great idea. In addition to bringing new new life, longevity, and durability to your floor, the process itself is also relatively fast and painless. 

What Can I Expect?

You’ve probably seen floor coatings on a home improvement network, and decided that it’s a great choice. In that case, you might have already heard about its core benefits: to salvage and improve a worn down concrete surface, while also giving your floor a beautiful and elegant look at a fraction of the price of ripping out and replacing the actual concrete. 

You can expect the process to take about a day to complete. And that’s including all of the steps involved, not simply one portion of it. In fact, that’s exactly what makes a floor coating such a fantastic option: it only takes a day, and once it’s coated, you need to wait just a few hours to walk on it. Wait another 24 hours, and you can drive your vehicle over it without any damage.

It’s a fast and effective solution for any home, business, or any type of space with concrete flooring. Thanks to skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable professionals you can rest assured knowing that your concrete floors are going to have the best work done.

The Process

The process itself is relatively straightforward. It involves preparing your floor, which means that repairs are made and then the surface is shot blasted. This shot blasting helps to remove contaminants and also provides the idea surface for the coating to stick to. This process is crucial to having a well-done, seamless, and durable coating. 

Additionally, the reconstruction part of concrete repairs includes cracks, pits, and spalling – each of which require a different type of fix. Once the fixes have been made, the surfaces are grinded to ensure the best adhesion possible. 

If you don’t get this step done properly, it means that the coating isn’t going to adhere as well. That, in turn, means you won’t get that durable coating you desire. In other words, it’s a vital step to a beautiful and proper floor coating. Additionally, it is also a major reason why you shouldn’t attempt to do this on your own, especially if you are craving professional results and longevity. 

After the surface has been repaired and prepared, next come the actual coating steps. For garages, all vertical walls will be coated first, and then the floor will be next. That starts with a base coat, before broadcasting the flakes gives your floor a beautiful look. Next, the flakes are scraped down so that stick up are cut down. Finally, a clear coat finishes the project. When these steps are done, you are left with a stunning new floor. 

Fast and Fabulous

Whether you have a busy schedule, or a family or pets- a huge perk of floor coating and the installation process is the fact that it is fast. Once you’ve set up your time, decided on the perfect coating for your needs, and who to work with for your installation, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to use it again in no time. This is especially important if you are having an area coated that holds a lot of your belongings. You won’t have to worry about finding a temporary storage solution for a week or more. 

Additionally, there are no hidden surprises because the steps are straightforward. You will find that after your floor has been coated, it looks like a brand new floor- and you’ll be proud to show it to anyone. So when you are ready to transform your concrete floor in a fast and effective way, please contact us.