The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Epoxy Floors

There are many flooring systems widely used by anyone who owns and operates a commercial space and one of the most common is the epoxy floor system. Eventually, there will come a time when the floor will require new coating to maintain a professional, sleek look. If you have never had your epoxy floors coated before, you will most likely have many questions for anyone working on your floor. In this post, we will address the five most common questions asked about epoxy floors.

  1. How Long Does it Take to Complete an Epoxy Flooring Project? While it depends on how extensive the preparation needs of the old floor are before installation and how large the floor area is, it isn’t uncommon for floor coating companies to be able to provide clients with a twenty-hour turnaround. If time is of the essence and you have a specific day and time you need to the project done by, make sure to tell the floor coating company of this need before they begin working so are able to guarantee you that it will be done in time. If you don’t have a specific deadline in mind, floor coatings will be able to give you, at the very least, an approximate time that they will be done.
  2. How Soon Can I Start Walking on The Floors Again After Installation? In roughly ten to fourteen hours, you can safely walk on the floors with no problem. Within a full twenty-four hours, the floors can sufficiently handle moderate use. And after forty-eight to seventy-two hours, the floors will have achieved full chemical cure.
  3. How do I Keep The Floors Clean After Installation? There are two ways you can go about this: either you can take on floor cleaning tasks on your own or you can ask the floor coating company for recommendations of floor cleaners that they trust and regularly refer. This option would ensure that the floors are thoroughly cleaned with the added bonus of you not having to put the time and energy into cleaning them yourself. If you do decide you will be cleaning the floors yourself, a floor coating company will provide with comprehensive maintenance and cleaning instructions to ensure that your floors are cleaned safely and properly. In general, you will want to stay away from acid based cleaners as these will harm your floors. Instead of this cleaning solution, opt for a low-lather degreaser. 
  4. Can we do Custom Floor Colors? One of the most attractive benefits about epoxy flooring is the many options for custom colors, patterns, and designs. Upon your request, the floor coating company will be able to match solid colors with custom blends of different materials. You can check out custom blends and samples before deciding on which one you want to use for your flooring.
  5. How Much Will it Cost me to Coat an Epoxy Floor? The cost of the coating will depend on a variety of factors. This is why you want the floor coating company to first inspect your floors in person and give you a price quote before moving on with the project. The professional at the floor coating company will examine existing conditions, looking at the substrate thickness, current coating system, and the concrete. If you want special features included in the coating project such as cover base, wainscot, local, decals, and line striping, these factors will also influence the final cost. Most companies charge anywhere from $3-$8 per square foot.

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