Ten Reasons For Installing Polyurea Residential Floor Coatings

If you have concrete surfaces at your home or investment property, you should consider coating them for protection. Perhaps most concrete surfaces you see don’t have coating, and you may assume coating is just for aesthetics. The truth is that polyurea residential floor coatings provide benefits that go far beyond the obvious. Here are ten reasons why you should coat your concrete.

Keeps Out Bacteria, Mold, And Mildew

In uncoated concrete, moisture can combine with organic particles in concrete’s pores and lead to growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Mold, mildew, and bacteria all cause negative health outcomes, including allergies and asthma. Mold and mildew also create an unpleasant musty smell. Floor coatings seal off pores and prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. Polyurea floor coatings can coat floors and concrete walls as one surface to prevent bacteria from forming in wall cavities.

Prevents Cracks, Stains, And Chips

Floor coatings prevent cracks and chips that result from freeze-thaw damage or regular wear and tear. This saves property owners on costly crack repairs, and it also prevents problems that result from cracks, such as pest infestations. Since coatings seal off the surface, spills can’t penetrate concrete’s pores and cause unsightly stains.

Makes Surfaces Easy to Clean

Spills, water, and debris sit on the surface of coated concrete instead of penetrating the pores. This makes cleaning concrete floors quick and easy for property owners. Rather than requiring exhausting scrubbing or expensive professional power washing, coated concrete shines up nicely with just hose washing.

Stops Slipping Accidents

Coatings can provide a non-skid surface to concrete, making falls from slips less likely. This is especially important for concrete in a home’s pool area, which tends to accumulate puddles.

Increases A Floor’s Lifespan

Since coatings prevent cracks and other damage, coated floors usually have longer lifespans than uncoated concrete floors. Replacing a concrete floor is very expensive, which is why property owners will want to make their floors last decades.

Transforms Rooms Into Livable Spaces

For property owners who wish to convert basements or garages into housing, floor coatings are a must. When rooms with uncoated concrete develop mold, mildew, or pest problems, they aren’t fit to live in.

Protects Decorative Concrete

Polyurea floor coatings are appropriate for plain concrete and decorative concrete. They’ll protect colors, textures, and patterns from fading and wearing down. Since decorative concrete is a significant investment, property owners should protect it with a coating to make it last.

Little Down Time

Polyurea coatings dry quickly so property owners can use the surface again in a matter of hours. Certain types of coatings dry even more quickly.

Penetrates Pores

Rather than just sitting at the surface, polyurea floor coatings penetrate down into concrete’s pores for a stronger bond. This penetration means that the coating won’t crack or chip and peel off.

Color Options, Matte, And Glossy

Property owners can opt for a clear coating or one with a color tint. Polyurea floor coatings come in numerous colors to choose from. Many people prefer that the coating provide a glossy “wet” look, but floor coatings also come in matte finishes. All types of polyurea coatings will help a floor to look clean and new, which increases a property’s curb appeal.

Installing polyurea floor coatings is professional work because it requires proper tools, skillful technique, and precision. Fortunately, the experts at PolyTek Surface Coatings can coat your concrete accurately and efficiently. We’re highly experienced in coating many types of concrete surfaces, and we use Penntek Industrial Coating systems because of their advanced chemistry. To find out more about residential floor coatings, please contact us.