The Task of Installing Epoxy Coating on a Garage Floor

There are many guides and articles on the Internet that tell you how to install an epoxy coating on a garage floor, but what many in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota have found is that there are some steps that are not mentioned in those guides and articles. There is one very critical step that is always missed ahead of preparing the garage floor and that is determining the type of concrete the floor is made out of.

You have to know how to determine the hardness, moisture content, and the structural condition of the concrete because these are the variables that determine how the concrete is prepared. If the concrete is prepared incorrectly, then the epoxy may not adhere as well as it could.

It is also important to look and see if there is another epoxy coating already on the floor. This is because epoxy coatings can react with other previously installed coatings. Also know that a latex or polyurethane floor paint does not make a good substrate for an epoxy product. If one of these coatings are on the floor, it will have to be stripped away.

Oil, grease, and other lubricants also have to be removed before application or the adhesion of the epoxy will not be great. Even rubber residue from tires can cause an issue. The way to remove this is to sand it off of the ground since solvents cannot fully remove it.

Once substances are removed, the installer will use an acidic solution to find undetected coatings or sealers. They have to use the right mixture so that it reacts with the residue. If anything is found, it has to be removed. How it is removed depends on the type of substance it is.

The floor then has to be etched, dried, and then it is time to apply the epoxy and all other substances associated with it. There may be pigment and texturing products used to give the floor some personality. Your installer will be able to determine exactly how much of each material is needed to cover your garage floor.  Epoxy also has a short working time, so it has to be applied quickly. This means there is not much room for a mistake to be made.

Once it is applied, you will have a garage floor that is the color and texture you want it to be. With epoxy as durable as it is, you can expect your floor to also be quite strong. When you use professional assistance, you will get the coating that you need for your floor so it lasts for a long time.