metallic system The one-day, user-friendly solution: engineered to outperform the competition Penntek’s Solid Color Polyurea System is a high-performance, dependable option. Designed for cold-weather installations, this system remains flexible while standing up to repeated freeze and thaw cycles. Choose from… Read more »

Polyurea Shop floor System The affordable and user-friendly solution that provides a durable surface Penntek’s Shop Floor System offers extreme durability and chemical resistance at an economical price. Combining the PB 200, dry sand, and a high chemical resistance PT… Read more »

Solid color epoxy system The cost-effective and user-friendly solution designed for heavy use in commercial applications Penntek’s Solid Color Epoxy System is built for the toughest applications. This system withstands high-impact environments, providing chemical and abrasion resistance. It also has… Read more »

Repair Systems

ALSO AVAILABLE – CR PATCH AND COAT This plural component system is a high viscosity concrete repair putty,  designed to fill cracks and small pits. The unique chemistry allows you to patch cracked concrete and coat over the top with… Read more »

quartz system The safe and durable solution – holds up consistently to heavy use and harsh environments. Penntek’s Quartz System is a safe and durable coating for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. The quartz aggregate is embedded in… Read more »

Formcove™ System

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Modular Tile System

Modular tile system Superior technology creates this beautiful system for all spaces Modular tile systems are an exceptional choice for any space due to their unmatched versatility and convenience. Their customizability allows for unique, personalized designs, enabling users to create… Read more »

FLAKE system The beautiful and durable solution – Great for a wide variety of applications Penntek’s Chip System provides a granite look with an orange peel texture, which makes it a great floor for many applications. Its durability and slight… Read more »