Rosemount Garage Floor Coatings

For many residents in Rosemount, your garage is your kingdom. There is more to a garage than just a place to park your car and if you are looking to spruce up your garage area, then there are two ways you can do so – one option is to look into a new flooring application. The other option is to look into a storage solution. At Polytek Surface Coatings, we can help you with both.

Rosemount Surface Coatings

We extend our services to more than just your garage. We can help you with applications and storage solutions for:

  • Exterior areas outside the home such as garages, patios and decking
  • Interior residential needs such as basements and extensions
  • Industrial services including workshops, kennels and warehouses
  • Commercial properties from restaurants and hospitals to community centers and churches and much more
  • Universal storage systems for your home and office

Surface Coating Selection

Perhaps you’d like to go with a natural color such as a tan or mossy green or highlight your love for the beach with aquamarine or blue shadow. A lovely merlot looks great in a garage or office while you can’t go wrong with something subtle yet sleek like the elegant dusk. There are lighter colors, darker colors and those in between in ¼ full broadcast chip blends as well as quartz blends. Or you may want to customize your own color to complement your personal space.

Contact us today at 952-236-9837 for a free quote and to speak with a Rosemount garage floor coating specialist about you specific needs.