Minnesota Restroom Floor Coatings

When you are working with a high traffic area such as a public restroom, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best.  After all, what’s the point in redoing the application if it is only going to crack or peel in a few years? With Polytek Surface Coatings we can guarantee that this will not happen. In fact, all of our residential applications on flooring come with a fifteen year guarantee against cracking, peeling, splitting and other wear and tear while our commercial flooring comes with a five year warranty.

Minnesota Floor Coatings

What this means is that, even in high volume traffic areas, such as public washrooms, your floor will last. Our concrete coatings are:

  • Designed to handle harsh cold and hot weather conditions
  • Protected against excessive wear
  • Resistant to damage
  • Resistant to water and spills
  • Anti slippery
  • Anti skid proof
  • Thermal protected
  • Resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling

Public Area Concrete Coatings

Polytek Surface Coatings can provide the right concrete coating for any restroom, residential washroom or public restroom area, including in parks, in bus and train depots, in schools, in office buildings, in restaurants, in airports, in hospitals and anywhere else. Having a restroom that not only looks good but is also resistant to damage can mean a lot for your business. Don’t let your washroom ruin your chance for success – upgrade your outdated restroom with Polytek Surface Coatings.

You may not think that the color and the concrete coating that you choose for your washroom will really make any difference. After all, a floor is a floor right, especially in a bathroom. However this is actually not the case, especially in an area where there is not a lot of other distractions to look at. Having a peeling or outdated restroom can look untidy and unsanitary which will definitely negatively impact your entire image.

How Can we Help?

Choose from several color choices designed for both interior and exterior public restrooms such as:

  • Ocean front
  • Aqua marine
  • Mossy tree
  • Sandstone
  • Quarry
  • Sage
  • Stormy night
  • Delray blue
  • Saddle tan
  • Or customize your own perfect hue

Don’t turn your customers off with the state of your restroom floors. Contact Polytek Surface Coatings today for a free quote on 952-236-9837.