Residential Floor Coatings Will Bring New Life To Your Floor

If you have an older home with concrete flooring in the basement or the garage that’s in bad shape, you may not know what to do. As it turns out, complete replacement is far from your only option. If you’ve never considered residential floor coatings, now might be the perfect time. 

What if My Floor is in Bad Shape?

It’s important to know that even if your floor displays any kind of damage, it can still be a candidate for a floor coating. In most cases, no concrete floor is perfect. Stains, cracks, pits, or spalling can still allow for your floor to receive a coating. 

Normal wear and tear over the years can damage your concrete floor. In a garage, the de-icing chemicals can actually eat away and erode your concrete. Or maybe you bought a home with concrete floors that weren’t in the best shape; no matter your situation, you can rest assured knowing that your floor is still fixable.

Floor Coating Over Replacement

When your concrete is damaged, you may feel that it’s beyond help and that the only way to make it look better is to simply replace it. But that’s not the case; in fact, damaged concrete floors can be repaired in a way that allows the application of a coating. Once you understand the coating process, you will understand why your floor is still capable of getting the treatment.

A garage floor coating starts with prepping the floor. You need to have the best adhesion possible, and that starts with a rough surface. A shot blaster will help to remove all of the weak and deteriorated concrete, preparing it for the forthcoming repairs. That way, once the coating is applied, it can be spread evenly across the concrete.

After the prepping process follow four steps. It starts with a basecoat. Then, we will broadcast the color flake over the floor. Next comes scrapping the chip in order to remove any loose or vertical standing flakes, before we apply a clear coat on top. And after only 4-6 hours, you will be able to walk on the floor.

Having your floor coated is not only a great way to make it look better, but is also a much more wallet-friendly decision. If you’ve not thought about having your floor coated, you may have been considering a complete replacement instead. Pouring new concrete is not nearly as cost effective as a simple coating, which can be just as durable and good-looking. 

Looks Good, and Functions Even Better

So in only a day your old, stained, and damaged concrete can be given new life and new beauty. Especially if you are looking to not only make a good cosmetic change to your concrete floor but also improve the look and even safety, this type of treatment is ideal. Your floor, for example, is now stain resistant, which means that if you are working in your garage and spill oil, you’ll be able to easily clean up the mess without fear of staining your beautiful new floor.

In addition, you will love your newly coated floor’s skid resistance. This is of particular importance as we are heading into the winter months, and if you or a loved one is older and runs a higher risk of falling. Lastly, a floor coating is ideal for those of us who love to keep our homes clean. Simply put, a coated floor can be cleaned up much more easily. 

If you were afraid that your floor wasn’t perfect and couldn’t be coated, you can relax knowing that a beautiful floor coating is possible. You can take your plain concrete floor, and turn it into something more appealing and better for your home. To get the process started, please contact us.