Renovate Your Rental Properties with Residential Floor Coatings

Whenever you’re investing in a rental home, whether it’s a single family residence in a Minnesota suburb or you purchased a duplex or even bigger properties to rent out around St. Paul and Minneapolis, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to renovate it in such a way that turnover costs are low and everything’s resistance to wear-and-tear is high. This applies to every aspect of the house: having walls with low to no texture, having standard kitchen configurations where cabinets are never of a customized fit and so can be replaced quickly and easily as needed, and, most importantly of all, having well-protected flooring. Floors in a house are often the first thing that can show damage because they face the most hard use. Replacing your floor with something that can be easily cleaned and recoated is absolutely essential to maintaining your rental properties in between clients and making your life a lot easier.

How can you use residential floor coating to brighten, standardize, and easily maintain your rental properties?

  1. Floor coating adds additional protection to hard flooring that is already optimal for long-term rental use. Concrete and wood floors last a long time, certainly longer than vinyl tiles and carpet. So brightening up and making concrete or wood floors look like new for each client is a huge selling point without a lot of time or cost Investment. Your tenants will also be happy to see floors that not only look like they’ve been consistently well-protected but look easy to clean and hard to damage; that means they know that their risk of losing their security deposit is lowered because you don’t have easy to damage floors.
  2. Residential floor coating helps you standardize your renovation and repair process, which is essential for owning and maintaining multiple properties. Whether you invest in residential properties yourself, are slowly building up a collection of rental properties that you own and manage, or you’re in charge a property management company, standardizing the materials with which you repair and maintain your properties can be a huge time-saver. Most successful property owners highly recommend that, whenever possible, you paint with the same color and sheen, you buy knobs and handles in bulk and use them across all of your houses, and that all of your flooring be the same so that you don’t have to keep track of what repair process goes with which specific house.  Using residential floor coating is a huge asset in making sure that your properties’ flooring consistently matches the colors and styles you have already selected as the optimal standard.
  3. Floor coating is easy to maintain. All home have some space with either concrete or wood flooring and these areas tend to have high traffic, dirt, and chance for damage such as basements, garages and laundry rooms, or porches and patios. Without floor coating these areas would need to be regularly patched and repaired, especially if you’re dealing with wood flooring. But using enamel or coating not only deflects most of the damage, it means that when damage does occur it’s just done to the coating itself, which can be repaired with just a quick touch-up.

Standardization is one of the best tools you can have if you are investing in or own a rental property, and this is the most true when it comes to floors because they face the greatest and most regular chance for damage. Use residential floor coating to protect your floors from preventable damage and to maintain high quality homes. If you’d like to learn more about PolyTek Surface Coatings’s quality residential floor coating products to see what the best fit will be for your homes and properties, please contact us here.