Reasons to Choose Polyureas for Garage Floor Coatings in Minnesota

If you’re looking for garage floor coatings in Minnesota, you’re probably doing a lot of research on them. Garage floor coatings help to protect concrete floors from moisture, oils, and chemicals. They also prevent freeze-thaw damage and stains, and they protect against chips and cracks. Professionals commonly use polyureas for coating garage floors, and here are some reasons why.

Scratch Resistance

Other types of garage floor coatings are vulnerable to scratches from things like dropped items and kickstands. Polyurea resists scratches and dents well, which is particularly helpful if you plan to use your garage heavily for projects or auto work. You won’t have to worry about resurfacing your floor due to these unsightly marks.

Temperature Resistance

Polyurea is an excellent choice if you have to install coating during extreme weather. You can have polyurea installed in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees and as hot as 140 degrees. Once set, your floor coating can still withstand extreme temperatures, including temperatures from very hot tires in the summer.

Many Color Options

If your garage has a certain color theme, you can choose polyurea mixed with a stain to match your garage. You can mix it with blue, red, and green stains to formulate the color of your choice. You can also choose more conservative tones such as off-white.

Fast Application

Polyurea goes on a garage floor in two coats, primer and color and a top clear coat. It requires a small amount of drying time between coats and after the clear coat. You can walk on the surface in three hours after installation and park a car 24 hours after installation. This is very fast in comparison to the drying time required with other types of concrete sealers. It’s also often applied with a sprayer for even and efficient installation.


The flexibility in polyurea helps it withstand movement, bumps, and scrapes without incurring damage. It also withstands concrete settling and twisting very well. It buffers against mechanical energy from moving heavy equipment or tools around.

Chemical Resistance

Polyurea resists harsh chemicals well, including chemical spills of auto products, insecticides, oil, antifreeze, and grease. It’s also good at resisting salt, which can creep into a garage off of a car’s tires.

Surface Penetration

Polyurea doesn’t just sit at the surface of concrete. It penetrates down into the concrete to provide comprehensive protection. This results in a stronger bond that’s not susceptible to cracking or peeling.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyurea coatings contain very low levels of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. They don’t emit greenhouse gases or fumes, which is healthier for the environment and for people. They also don’t leave a chemical odor during or after installation, and they won’t create a dust residue. These coatings have gained LEED certification for green excellence.

Excellent Waterproofing

These coatings have excellent water resistance properties, which makes for quick and easy cleanup. Water can’t even penetrate concrete at the spot where the coating meets the wall, so you won’t have to deal with mold developing in the corners. This waterproofing also helps prevent stains, which are common in garage floors without coating. Stains are very difficult to remove from concrete due to concrete’s porosity, and property owners often need expensive professional help to get stained concrete looking like new. That’s why you’ll want to protect your concrete in the first place with a polyurea coating.

The professionals at PolyTek Surface Coatings coat garage floors in cities throughout Minnesota. We use Penntek Industrial Coating systems because of their advanced chemistry and superior technology. We’re oriented toward quality, reliability, and punctual service. To speak with us further about garage floor coatings, please contact us.