New Prague Garage Floor Coatings

Polytek surface Coatings is a concrete floor coating business that is locally owned and operated and has helped numerous business owners and homeowners restore the appearance of their flooring. If you are ready to make a change to your flooring, our New Prague floor coating experts can help you find the coating, color, and design that suits you the most.

Surface Coatings New Prague, MN

There are different types of surface coatings that we provide so that you have the flooring that looks and functions the way that you need it to. Here are just some of the types of flooring that we can coat:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, office buildings, restrooms, nursing homes, hallways, auto dealerships, storage buildings, car dealership showrooms, commercial kitchens, animal shelter kennels, and many more
  • Retail stores and retail showrooms
  • Exterior surfaces, such as sidewalks, and patios
  • Garage and basement flooring

There are many types of flooring that can be coated. We have different coatings that work well in various environments, depending on the type of abuse and impact that the floor receives. Nonetheless, our concrete floor coatings lengthen the life of your floor so that it pays for itself again and again. This saves you a great deal of money over time and also gives you flooring that will continue to look great.

Many Flooring Options

We offer a wide range of flooring options so you can have the look that you want. With the different colors and designs that are available, we are able to give you the floors that you want and need to make your home or business have the look that you want. This also adds value to the property.

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Flooring requires a great deal of care in order for it to last as long as possible. At Polytek Surface Coatings, we have a wide range of floor coating options that will allow you to have a durable floor that will last for years to come. To learn more about your flooring options, call Polytek today at 952-236-9837 for a free estimate.