The Use of Polyurea-Based Coatings on the Rise

The use of polyurea-based coating materials for the protection of substrate and corrosion prevention has taken a major rise in the marketplace in the past decade or so. When it is installed properly, the coatings provide a number of performance characteristics.

Most importantly, the coatings are compliant with volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations. This compliance and the durability of the coating is why it encompasses a diverse number of products. Nonetheless, it is used as a floor coating due to its durability and the number of options that it presents a person when they wish to have their garage, warehouse, or other type of concrete floor coated and protected.

But with any new technology, there are some growing pains that are involved. There is a learning curve involved with the use of polyurea. This is due to a low tolerance for mis-application and that is why those having the coating installed need to use the services of a professional who is experienced with the application.

Over a five year period, an investigation was conducted to see what the failure rate of polyurea-based coatings is and it was found that the failures were very limited in number. Further investigation showed that the failure was not product-related. Instead, most of them were due to mis-use or poor installation. The poor installation resulted from poor surface preparation.

Proper surface preparation is important because the polyurea and its hybrids will adhere to contaminants before it attaches to the substrate, which is something that happens with other types of coatings. Because the adhesion strength of most contaminants is low, this can cause the coating to come loose when the contaminant comes loose. When the substrate is properly prepared, a strong bond is created with the substrate and the polyurea will remain in place.

What has been found over time is that this new technology and its hybrids offer an environmentally compliant option to the industry that is also known for high performance. The film forming properties are very attractive. In turn, corrosion is prevented and the flooring is protected.