Polished Concrete

Polytek Surface Coatings is Minnesota’s premier provider of stained and polished decorative concrete. We offer a wide range of services, providing homeowners and business owners with the concrete flooring that they want and need.

Almost everyone knows that concrete is perfect in almost every setting. There are many design options, it is versatile, there are custom color choices, and it is easy to match practically any style. Polished concrete is also very durable and requires less maintenance than traditional flooring. All of this makes polished concrete an economical choice in industrial and commercial settings. It is also environmentally friendly and its longevity helps it meet the criteria for green building.

If you are in need of new flooring, concrete polishing may be the economic solution you are looking for. Our Minneapolis polished concrete company will listen to your vision for your flooring and present you with options that will make that vision a reality.

Extend The Life Of Your Floors with our Minneapolis Polished Concrete Professionals

One of the main features of polished concrete is the fact that it can extend the life of existing floors. Even if your existing concrete flooring is cracked or broken, those areas can be repaired before coating. Rather than having to pay for the replacement of an entire floor, these repairs before coating the concrete will save you a great deal of money.

After the coating is applied and it is time for the floor to be used, you will find that it feels much stronger than it did before. You will also find that the floor is a lot easier to maintain. Instead of using abrasives to clean the floor, it only requires light sweeping in most cases. Because the pores that exist in concrete are completely sealed, there is nowhere for dirt to hide. That allows dust and debris to be swept away easily.

As for how to clean the floors, inexpensive methods that require a lot less manpower are involved. You can talk to your Minnesota polished concrete company installers about what is appropriate for your specific concrete floor coating.

An Environmentally Friendly Flooring Option

In addition to extending the life of your floor, the increased durability, and the low maintenance, the benefit to the environment is significant. It is also safe for people, which helps maintain a healthy environment. The materials that are used are not harmful, which allows them to be used safely indoors. There is also very little waste produced throughout the coating process. And because your existing floor is being coated rather than replaced, you don’t have to worry about the disposal of old concrete and the utilization of new resources to create new concrete.

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Polished concrete can be a great asset to your business, prolonging the life of your floor and preserving manpower by keeping the maintenance to a minimum. All of our work is guaranteed and comes with an extended warranty. Contact our team today at 952-236-9837 for a free consultation.