Polished Concrete Sustainability

Having sustainable flooring in the Twin Cities is very important for a number of reasons. One of the most significant reasons is the fact that the sustainability decreases the environmental footprint that is caused by the project itself and the flooring in the long-term. Natural resources are saved and pollution is reduced. Even costs are reduced in a number of ways.

Uses Less Material

A project is dematerialized when businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul choose polished concrete over some of the other methods that are available. It is fair to say that concrete is fundamental in every construction project, whether the project is a remodel or brand new construction. Adding more material to a project can cause it to cost more and increases the stressors on the environment. Those stressors include the manufacturing, harvesting, refining, and transportation of materials to the job site. Finishing the floor by working with the existing concrete avoids those environmental stressors while decreasing the carbon footprint that the project creates. This saves everything from pollution and natural resources overall costs.

Reduces VOCs And Other Contaminants

Up to 30 percent of the population is sensitive to different types of chemicals. “Sick Building Syndrome” from the 1970s is the perfect example of this. Indoor air quality that was bad would cause people to become ill and the name for it was “Sick Building syndrome.” This is why green building focuses on indoor air quality. Polished concrete produces no noticeable VOCs during the construction process, which improves the indoor air quality.

When our Minneapolis & St. Paul polished concrete contractors do the job, you don’t have to worry about becoming sick because of chemicals in the air.

Energy Efficient Flooring

Energy efficiency is also optimized. This is due to the reflective nature of the polished concrete. This reduces the amount of artificial light that is needed by maximizing the artificial lighting that is already in use and any natural lighting that may be coming through the windows. This improves the lighting system and energy efficiency as a whole.

The load on HVAC systems is also reduced because of the thermal mass that is gained by constructing with concrete, including exposed concrete floors and walls, in combination with passive solar design principals. All of this moderates fluctuations in temperature.

Professional Minneapolis Polished Concrete Installation

When you want polished concrete flooring, it is best to have it installed by professionals who know how to do it the right way and do it quickly. The end result is flooring that looks fantastic and lasts a long time. To learn more about the polished concrete options that Polytek Surface Coatings can offer you, call 952-236-9837 for a free estimate.