Polished Concrete Floors in the Twin Cities vs. Other Flooring Materials

There are many individuals throughout the Twin Cities wondering what type of floor would suit their needs and the needs of their businesses. There are many industries that have special needs when it comes to their flooring. This means that they need to know the differences between the different types of flooring when they are compared to polished concrete floors.

The most common types of flooring are vinyl, wood, ceramic tile, and carpet. Polished concrete is available in a number of different designs. In fact, it is rather easy for an individual to specify the type of design and color they would like their floor to have. That way the flooring can match the personality of the interior and exterior architecture.

When compared to the other types of flooring, polished concrete has a much longer lifespan as long as it is properly maintained. It also provides a high degree of performance that are not typically provided by other floor types, especially in those settings where there is a lot of foot traffic and the use of heavy equipment, such as what is used in a warehouse.

In terms of durability, polished concrete floors have some of the best ratings of any flooring on the planet. That is why there are many industries throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul that turn to this type of flooring. In fact, there are many industries throughout the world that turn to polished concrete because they want functionality along with aesthetic appeal. At one time, to have a nice looking floor meant sacrificing the quality. The opposite was also true – the most durable floors were among the ugliest. That is no longer the case because the floor is able to look great and last for decades.

There is also the fact that polished concrete flooring is simple to maintain. Sometimes simple sweeping and mopping with the occasional buffing is adequate to keep the floor looking great. Reduced maintenance translates into better use of resources and payroll. Companies are able to focus more on what they need to do to run the business than how clean the facility is.

Maintenance for wood, carpeting, and vinyl can be very time-consuming and expensive. This is not the case with polished concrete floors.

However, it is important to ensure the floor is professionally prepared and polished. This ensures that the coating is put down correctly so that it does not fail prematurely. It is important that a professional evaluates the use for the floor and how you wish for it to appear so that it can be done according to your wishes and with the durability that you need.

Most of all, polished concrete is no more expensive than other types of flooring. Factor in the fact that the maintenance or wood, carpeting, and vinyl can be time-consuming and produce an excess expense, the cost-saving of polished concrete floors become more evident. That is why more people in the Twin Cities are opting for them.