Polished Concrete Flooring Needs Checklist

Concrete has a degree of natural beauty, but in recent years floor coverings have been preferred. These floor coverings have consisted of decorative tile, vinyl composite tile, terrazzo, and a number of others. The goal of these floor coverings is to give the floor luster, but the luster doesn’t last long with some materials because of the fact they are not designed for high traffic areas.

This has resulted in the polished concrete industry becoming very popular very fast. Polished concrete floors in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all around the Twin Cities have become very common in warehouses, factories, and even residential garages. It has become popular because of its aesthetic value and durability.

If you are considering polished concrete flooring, the following is a checklist that can help you determine whether or not polished concrete is exactly what you need:

  • A lot of time and money is being spent on keeping floors clean – Polished concrete pushes dust and particles to the surface through hydrostatic pressure, making the floors easier and faster to clean
  • Stains are a possibility – If stains are a possibility, concrete floor coatings can turn porous concrete into a sealed floor that makes staining less of a concern. Of course it is important to clean up a spill as soon as possible, but the coating buys you time.
  • You need ambient lighting – You can actually save money on your electric bill by using natural light from windows or fewer lights inside. The reflectivity of the floor increases ambient lighting, reducing the number of lights needed to light a room.
  • You are tired of high maintenance floors – Linoleum and tile floors require aggressive cleaning to ensure the floors stay clean and look nice. The polish on polished concrete is compacted to reduce stains and these floors do not need waxing and stripping to remain glossy.
  • You need something that is cost-effective – Polished concrete reduces maintenance and energy costs, and is more affordable than replacing an entire floor.
  • You want an environmentally friendly solution – The first aspect of the environmental friendliness of polished concrete is that it can work with your existing flooring, reducing the number of new materials that must be used. The coatings also contain no noticeable VOCs, which makes it ideal for sustainable building and ideal for USBG LEED projects.
  • You need very little downtime – After the concrete is polished, it can be put into service very quickly. Because of the seamlessness and cleanliness of the project, a business can continue about their day while the floor is being serviced.
  • You need flooring that can handle high traffic – Polished concrete floors can handle high traffic, including vehicle traffic from forklifts and other indoor equipment. The floor, when cleaned regularly, will remain in great shape even if it endures high traffic.

If you need any of the above in your flooring system, then polished concrete will be able to meet those needs, giving you a flooring system that you can be happy with.