Picking the Best Garage Floor Coating For Your Minnesota Home

If you have a less-than-ideal garage floor, there is a great option to bring it new life. With a floor coating, you can make your garage floor more attractive, more durable, and more easily able to withstand the harsh Minnesota weather. Of course, deciding that a floor coating is the easy part. More importantly, you need to decide on what type of finish you’d like. 

The Chip System

This is probably the most popular choice for garage floors. Not only will it create a beautiful surface for your garage floor, but it will also add some great functional benefits. For example, a chip-coated floor has a slight surface texture which decreases the risk of slipping and falling.

This is a useful feature in any garage; when you drive in with a wet vehicle, you will inevitably bring in moisture and even snow. An anti-slip coating is ideal for older individuals, who may run a slightly higher risk of falling will find any extra help to be beneficial. 

Additionally, the chip system offers a stunning surface with a granite appearance. It also offers a really quick turnaround time. Especially if you don’t like keeping your vehicle outside, you’re going to want to pick a coating that will allow you the least amount of inconvenience.

Finally, the customization options with this floor coating system are immense. Choose between a variety of chip blends, which you can combine with several base coat choices. The result is the exact look you want, which allows you to pick something that will coordinate with your home’s overall appearance.

Metallic System

The metallic system is another great option to consider for your garage floor. With this variety, you can get a bright and bold garage floor that includes a marbleized 3D effect. You can add even an optional slip resistance to the floor, if that is an important feature for you. Of course, even the basic floor coating option gives your garage floor a beautiful and unique look.

Additionally, this floor will give you that high-gloss shine of a showroom, while also providing you with an easily cleanable surface. Especially if you enjoy keeping a very clean garage floor, this system can be swept clean and look bright and shiny new every time.

Solid Epoxy Systems

Solid epoxy systems are designed for large commercial spaces, but can also be used for your garage floor. If you are the type of person that wants the floor to look good but also simplistic without distracting from the rest of the space, this is the ideal coating choice.  

Epoxy systems come in a wide variety of textures and colors, so you’ll be sure to find something that you like. Additionally, thanks to its original commercial use, you can expect it to be very strong and durable. 

Solid Color Polyurea System

When you live in Minnesota, this coating option also tends to make sense. In fact, it is designed to be able to withstand the freezing and thawing of the Minnesota winters. You also have the choice between a gloss and matte finish, along with several colors and textures to pick from. 

You can also add a slip resistance to the flooring, increasing its durability. At the same time, this system has a very fast turnaround time, which is excellent when you don’t want your life to be majorly disrupted by having your floor coated. 

No matter what you are looking for in a garage floor coating, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want. Still, it’s important to understand your options to make sure you make the best possible choice for your space. To learn more about your coating options and what will work best for your needs, please contact us.