Periodic Maintenance and the Sustainability of Polished Concrete

The maintenance of polished concrete is something that has been a debate in the Twin Cities. Some feel that periodic maintenance is best, others want to clean their floors every evening, and some do it once per week. Basically, this is a major debate and one that professional concrete polishers in Minnesota can answer based on the type of flooring.

There are some questions that come about frequently, such as:

  • What pads should be used?
  • Is maintenance based on who does it?
  • What chemicals are appropriate for the concrete floor?

These are just some of the questions that come about in regards to maintenance. One of the reasons why is because there is so much variance between floors. For instance, the coffee shop floor is not going to be like the floor in the huge shopping mall downtown. The differences are huge from the type of coating on the floor to the amount of traffic that it receives.

So while a single article cannot solve every polished concrete maintenance dilemma, it can make you aware of the differences and how you can find a solution to your problem.

The Problem

Just like any type of flooring, polished concrete is going to lose its sheen and clarity over time. This causes the floor to look dull, doing away with its light reflectivity. When a floor is initially polished, a person can look down at it and see a reflection from the lighting from the ceiling. When the floor gets worn down, this reflection is not as clear. However, the maintenance can make a difference in how fast or slow this happens.

Maintenance Approaches

There are some maintenance approaches that are common in the twin cities. One is daily maintenance done by in-house employees. This can include sweeping and mopping to keep abrasives off of the floor. This also involves ensuring chemicals are left off of the floor that would cause the coating to fail. If pads are used in the cleaning process, they need to be in the best shape possible or they can be like sandpaper on the floor.

Periodic maintenance is performed by a professional who can use the right machines and chemicals on the floor in order to restore the appearance. Your polished concrete professional will discuss the cleaning methods with you so you know what is happening.

How often these maintenance approaches are taken depends on the amount of traffic that the floor receives. A high traffic floor is going to need more maintenance than the floor in a low traffic area. Floor condition is also a factor. If the polished concrete floor is older, then that is going to determine the amount of maintenance needed. If the floor is extremely worn, then it may be time to have it re-coated so that its sheen is restored and so it looks like new. This also ensures that you get the most out of your floor.

It is best to discuss the best course of action with your polishing company so that you can keep your maintenance program consistent. Having a maintenance program that is on a roller coaster ride could do more harm than good to the floor.