Our Floor Coating Installation Includes Concrete Reconstruction

Unprotected concrete floors can hold up under a lot of pressure. But even the strongest concrete can crack start to develop pits and spalling in freezing winters. Corners and edges are also subject to a lot of wear and tear and can start to crumble over time. Whether you have a commercial building with high traffic concrete floors or you are a homeowner who is considering selling your home or just wanted to fix up your garage after it has faced years of wear, installing floor coating to renew and protect your floors is a great way to repair past cracks and prevent future damage. At Polytek Surface Coatings, our floor coating installation process Includes reconstruction and preparation to make sure you start off with the best possible surface for your new floor.

How does Polytek Surface Coatings reconstruct your concrete floor from past damage and prepare it for a long-lasting floor coating?

Minnesota weather can be hard on any type of flooring because of rapid freezing during the winter and shifting water in the ground. Parts of your concrete floor can crack and shift over time, whether it’s in a garage, on your concrete patio, or all throughout your basement. So one of the first steps after the initial evaluation of your concrete profile is to mend and fill any damaged concrete for a smoother finish.

  1. We fill in flooring cracks. Within just a few minutes at the start of the installation process, our company’s experts can abrade and prepare cracks of any size and fill them with sturdy, fast-drying material that cures within ten minutes. After each crack is filled and cured, our experts can level out and continue to prepare the area where the crack used to be as if the crack was never there in the first place.
  2. We get rid of concrete pits and weak areas in the floor. Concrete can weaken and dip over time due to the environment around it or due to the wear-and-tear it’s put through. If your concrete floor is pitted, we can repair it in much the same way as overfilling and then leveling cracks before continuing to prepare to the surface for adhesion to the floor coating. We take particular care with these processes to ensure that there is an excess of cured material repairing the damage so that it can be ground down for a comprehensively smooth and level surface.
  3. Spalled surfaces are repaired and smoothed. This type of damage is particularly endemic in the coldest areas of Minnesota. Freezing water due to rainy weather or humidity can work its way into the capillaries of the concrete and then expand and cause tearing damage that chips away at the surface of the concrete and exposes the rougher interior material. This damage is also something that we would repair and smooth out prior to applying the flooring. Because all of the material we use to level out the floor is fast-drying and requires only a limited amount of time for curing, even a particularly spalled and weather damaged garage can be prepared for new flooring without adding much time to the process.

Concrete flooring doesn’t usually come with protection against the dramatic weather you can face in Minnesota. However, not only does our installation process start with an evaluation and a reconstruction of any damage to the concrete surface, our floor coating takes into account the range of warm weather and cold weather that can impact your floor for years to come, and it is resistant to damage caused by expansion and contraction as well as the ancillary damages that it can face from weather extremes such as road salt and the physical impact of heavily tread tires. If you’d like to learn more about Polytek Surface Coatings’s reconstruction and installation process, please contact us here.