Minnesotans are Discovering Safer Floor Coating Options

Concrete is not cheap, which is why Minnesotans are now discovering the different types of residential surface coatings that are available to them. They are choosing them for their driveways and their garages.

There are reasons for this. First, coal tar driveway coating has been banned in Minnesota. Even if it had not been banned, driveways can be shot blasted to remove deteriorations, the latent layer of the concrete, and contaminants so that a pure Polyurea base coat and a Polyasparatic Polurea Top Coat can be applied to the surface. The shot blasting makes the surface coarse so that an eternal bond can be created. This is a much safer method to preserve concrete and it is affordable.

Full chip floors are also being recommended in Minnesota. The reason is because the chip is thrown on to the floor in order to completely cover the basecoat and make sure the surface is a uniform color. There is also skid resistance, the maintenance is low, and the texture is easy to clean. The process is also fast.

Being that many Minnesotans are recovering from the recession and are now making the home repairs that they put off, they are looking for economical and there are coatings that are economical in every way. They do not require the 2 year resurfacing that coal tar requires. With the banning of coal tar, Minnesotans are being introduced to something much different and functional for them.