Minneapolis Companies Avoid Concrete Floor Replacement With Floor Coatings

For a factory or other commercial environment, having a smooth work floor is a must because it promotes safety and it also promotes affordability. Rather than opt for floor replacement or expensive floor repairs, companies in Minneapolis are opting for floor coatings that can give the floor an entirely new life.

In one case, a manufacturer was contending with a damaged floor. In their line of business, having a smooth floor to work on was pivotal to their ability to safely produce and transport their products.

After some evaluation, the company realized that they needed an epoxy floor coating to repair their floor with. They found that their floor had some uneven ridges and cracks that put their operations at risk. Their flooring undergoes a lot of equipment and foot traffic 24/7.

The biggest challenge was ensuring the production times were not interfered with and that the workers within the facility could continue their jobs during the floor coating installation.

It has been found that companies tend to put off their floor coating installations due to fears that they will experience lags in production. Time is money in any business, so they cannot increase the cost of the floor coating project by decreases in production.

However, they found that professional installation included formulating a plan that would ensure the company would be able to continue their work while also receiving their new flooring. The goal of any true professional floor coating company in Minnesota is to ensure minimal disruption of business activities.

Before the installation too place, the concrete floor was prepared and the joints and cracks were filled in.

The epoxy coating that was used contained no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and did not emit odors, which made it safe for the staff to work around. The employees were not disturbed or affected because the coating did not contain anything that would make them ill. The company also chose an epoxy that was blue in order to give the facility’s floor personality. It seemed like the most attractive choice. Sometimes clients come into the work area, so choosing color can present a functional and effective renovation.

When the project was finished, it was done without interrupting production, which means that the company saved money on the coating versus floor replacement and they did not lose money on reduced production.

Had the floor had to be replaced, the company would have had to shut down their operations to an extent and this would have cost them more than just the price of the floor.

The end result was a floor that holds up to the everyday equipment and foot traffic and it will for years to come.