Lightening the Environmental Footprint in the Twin Cities with Polished Commercial Floors

Many businesses throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul want to take measures that make them more environmentally friendly. They cut their energy costs by turning off devices and lights that they aren’t using when they leave a room or the facility. They even go paperless. Now commercial environments, businesses, and many others throughout the Twin Cities are opting for polished concrete floors to lighten their carbon footprint even more. In fact, it is becoming a trend to help achieve greener schools and work environments, becoming more of a rule than an exception.

The benefits of polished concrete floors are becoming more widely known than before. Any time someone can take their existing concrete floor, have the top of it stripped off and then the entire floor resurfaced with a polished coating, money is saved. Having to have the entire floor replaced is going to be much more costly than working with an existing floor. It saves more resources, too. Even if there are weak spots in the existing concrete floor, an experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul concrete polisher can work with those areas and give them back some integrity so that the floor lasts for many years to come.

There have been many case studies done on polished concrete flooring. In one of these studies, the flooring was installed in a recreational area to see how they would perform under a lot of foot traffic. Also found in these studies was that natural sunshine coming through the windows reflected off of the flooring, creating more natural light in the room. This reduced the number of lights that needed to be on in the room during the day. The study then revealed that 65% was saved in maintenance costs when compared to other flooring materials.

It has also been surveyed over time that buildings that are remodeled can maintain their concrete flooring. They can opt for different coatings that give the floor an appearance that coincides with the décor and architecture of that building.

Furthermore, paints and coatings are low-emitting and that makes them safer for indoor environments. In the past, some coatings would evacuate an area for 24 hours or more, but now coatings do not cause a health hazard like they once did. This adds to the flooring’s health factor, as polished concrete flooring has been seen as being ideal for allergy relief since it does not hold dust, dust mites, and mold like carpeting does.