Keeping Up With the Joneses’ Garage Floor Coating

Minneapolis Garage Floor Coatings

Have you ever seen some aspect of another person’s house and thought “I have to have that for my house!” ?

Keeping Up With the Joneses

If so, you’re certainly not alone. This sensation has even developed its own cultural reference called “Keeping Up With the Joneses”. While no one is really sure where the original reference came from, we’ve been racing to make our homes and lifestyles comparative to their theoretical residential style leadership for over a hundred years. Whenever you see a landscaping design you’d like to top, a kitchen cabinet idea you want to remodel to achieve, or a shiny new car in someone else’s driveway you’d love to drive, that feeling you get is the ‘keeping up’ phenomena we all experience.

An Enviable Garage

But the one thing that almost always catches people off guard is when we see a beautifully done garage. Garages are supposed to be dirty, messy, and supported by a cracking old concrete floor. They’re supposed to hold piles of boxes you never finished unpacking or a few half-repaired bicycles in the corner near the jumper cables and half a can of paint from your last remodel project. And yet, every now and then you see a neighbor’s garage doors roll up to reveal a beautifully designed little auto shop and a mesmerizingly smooth and shiny garage floor. It’s amazing how much difference a simple floor coating can achieve in one fell swipe of the roller.

A garage with a smooth coated floor looks more like an indoor space fit for people, recreation, and shop projects rather than a glorified carport. In fact, because the coating seals away the porous, easily damaged and hard to clean nature of raw concrete, it even makes your garage easier to insulate and turn into a truly comfortable indoor area that’s also durable enough to drive your car on.

How to Update Your Garage Floor

If you have recently seen an incredibly well-finished garage floor and can’t help but long for one of your own, the opportunity is right there waiting for you. All you have to do is clear out your garage and call your local garage floor coating specialists. Coating a raw concrete garage floor is different from reinstalling interior floors because here you’re putting together a special formula that will bond with the concrete, flex with it over the seasons, and form a smooth consistent coat that’s safe for both cars and people. We highly suggest choosing polyurea coating which forms a smooth yet slightly rubbery seal over your concrete to prevent cracks and ensure a shiny beautiful garage door for many years in the future.

A Safe Place for Work and Play

The best part about coating your garage floor is how easy it is to keep clean and safe for family members of all ages. A coated garage floor is less likely to have chips, cracks, and damage that could cause you to trip or stumble while working in the shop. The smooth surface means that spills of even dangerous substances like chemicals or gasoline can be quickly and easily cleaned up. when you’re just sorting and organizing, a sealed floor is also safer for the children and traversing barefoot if you left your shoes inside because there are no cracks to cut feet and no old questionable puddles where gas or chemicals could have seeped directly into the concrete. You can even set up a safe play area for the kids where Kool-aid spills can’t do any damage.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to turn your garage into a classy and well-designed indoor-outdoor area, polyurea garage floor coating should be your first go-to solution. Whether you saw that enviable garage floor coating in a neighbor’s garage, while visiting a friend, or got the idea from watching home improvement television, let us welcome you to the wonderful world of having a nicely coated garage floor. For more information about keeping up with the Joneses with a beautiful garage floor coating for your home, contact us today!