New Innovations in Surface Coatings

There are always new developments in surface coatings and Polytek Surface Coatings is all about investigating the new types that are created.

One interesting type of surface coating is one that was created at Cambridge University and it could be the future weapon against the roaches that may show up in your kitchen in the future.

Roaches are absolutely nasty creatures that can carry certain types of diseases. While it is rare for humans to contract what a roach is carrying, roaches tend to breed and bring friends. If you have a population, then you are looking at health concerns.

The scientists responsible for the development looked at how insects, such as roaches, tend to secrete fluids that are watery and oily. These fluids allow them to stick to practically any surface. So the scientists created a polymide coating that absorbs the watery secretion, which kills the bugs’ friction on vertical surfaces by nearly 40 percent.

Of course this isn’t a commercialized coating, but it is one we could see on the market in the future.

Just imagine if a roach or other pesky insect entered into your kitchen and couldn’t hold on to anything. What if this coating could be applied to walls, floors, counters, and other surfaces that bugs tend to travel along to get to the goods in your kitchen? You would possibly find quite a few bugs flipped over on their backs in your floor. It is even possible they would be rendered unable to walk on the surface. The important thing, however, would be the inability to get to your pantry or contaminate your countertops.

It will be very interesting to see if this coating makes its way to the market so that kitchens can be made roach and insect free. Then again, some individuals could coat surfaces all around the home in order to keep the pests out.