Increase in Old Epoxy Floor Coating Failure Seen in Twin Cities Area

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the demand of homeowners and business owners to remove failed epoxy floors in the Twin Cities area.

Homeowners and business owners have their own ideas as to why their floors have failed. Some of them had floors that lasted years, some had floors that lasted months, and some of them failed within a matter of days. Everything from the applicator to the product got the blame. Some even blamed the person who told them to try a specific epoxy coating on their floor.

Regardless of why the epoxy floor coating failed, there was one thing that was clear and that was the epoxy had separated from the concrete surface. This is a process frequently referred to as “delamination.”

The good news is that each person who experienced floor coating failure found that there was value in having their floors coated. There are many colors available that match the exteriors and interiors of structures. If the coating is placed on a garage floor, homeowners tend to like the way their vehicles coordinate with the colored floor coating. The look was a neat and clean look. They also noticed they were less likely to have slip and fall accidents because of the slip resistance that the coating gives to the floor.

To avoid failure of these coatings, professional application is necessary. Plus, some floors will respond better to a different type of coating. For instance, polyurea has become quite popular for its appearance and its durability, as well as its safety. Combine the right coating with an experienced installer and you will have a floor that will last for the long-term, preserving the concrete so you do not have to worry about complete floor replacements or extensive repairs.