How to Take Care of Your Commercial Garage’s New Flooring

If you’re running a commercial garage, then you don’t have time to devote to specialized maintenance at the end of the day or before customers start to arrive in the morning. And once PolyTek Surface Coatings installs your new floor, you don’t need to do more than wipe up stains and routinely clean it with a broom or mop. Here are some quick tips for common stains that might happen on your new flooring:

What do you need to know to maintain your commercial garage’s polyurea floor?

  • What happens if oil or gas drips from a car, or road chemicals transfer from the tires to the floor? When chemicals drip onto the floor, you don’t have to worry about the coating. Polyurea floor coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and, because they are also resistant to abrasions and physical impacts, those chemicals can’t find their way through to the bare concrete flooring. You can treat these drips and chemicals just like any other spill during daily maintenance, but you don’t want to let the spills dry and linger too long, especially if clients see your floors.
  • How do you clean up spills? Any spills will be easy to wipe off the flooring. Whether it’s a small spill you can mop up with a paper towel or a larger one that needs to be mopped up, it can be removed with water or a bit of cleaner.
  • How do you clean up debris and particles? Polyurea floor coatings are smooth and polished, so all you need to clean up dry spills is a paper towel or a broom. Highly abrasive particles might start to wear at the glossy finish if they’re in a high-traffic area and no one routinely sweeps the floors, but any regular maintenance will reduce that chance.
  • Do you need to wax and polish the flooring? Your floor will have a shining, polished top coat that will stay glossy for years. But if you do start to notice a bit of wear along highly-traveled paths, you can use any number of commercial products. And if you have any questions, be sure to call; all Polytek Surface Coatings commercial floors come with an offer of a five-year warranty for delamination and excessive wear.

Maintenance Tips:

One of the best parts of a polyurea floor coating for your commercial garage is that it doesn’t require much maintenance or any specialty products. Once business hours are over, all you or one of your employees has to do is sweep the floor to get rid of loose debris and check for spills that might have occurred over the course of the day. Those spills won’t start to impact the floor and won’t be able to damage the chemical coating, but once those spills dry and cake on they require a little more effort to remove just like stains on any hard surface. 

Whether you have a daily or a weekly cleaning schedule for your garage, it’s a good idea to regularly mop it with a cleaning agent. This can help remove the build-up of small unnoticed stains, and a mop can pick up particles that have caught against equipment edges and in the corners. The floor can more than handle degreasers, too, so you can use the cleaners you already have on hand to get rid of tire marks, grease stains, and any build-up that forms without having to worry about causing chemical damage to the floor. If you have a particularly strong degreaser, dilute it with water. This can also help stretch out your cleaning supplies because the flooring doesn’t need much to stay clean.

If you have specific questions regarding a particular chemical or you’ve started to notice a bit of wear over the course of your regular maintenance, contact us here. Our experts are familiar with the best ways to both clean and maintain commercial garages.