How to Quickly Install Cove Bases for a Seamless, High Quality Finish to Your Properties

When you’re in the real estate business, getting your properties ready for new tenants is a matter of getting things done right but also a matter of getting things done right quickly. The competing interests of refinishing or renovating a building quickly so you have less downtime without tenants and installing long-lasting finishes and fixtures can make or break the profitability of a building. But at the same time, the cost of the materials is a factor you can’t afford to ignore. Finding the right combination of materials that meet all three criteria can be difficult, and that’s why finding products you can easily install yourself or hire contractors to complete is the perfect middle ground. With our FormCove cove base material, you can easily install professional grade flooring that gives you quick, seamless bases so you can get on with your restoration.

What are cove bases?

In many commercial buildings, exterior or storage rooms are constructed with gaps left unsealed between the walls and the floors. In residences and some commercial buildings, these gaps are covered with baseboards and in other cases, like a garage, they are left bare. In order to tightly seal up those gaps in commercial buildings, one of the best choices is cove bases. Cove bases are traditionally a vinyl or rubber trim that cover the gap and create a rounded transition from floor to wall so you can seal a room to prevent drafts and an unkempt or incomplete appearance, as well as keep out dirt and pests. However, they require adhesives and caulk to fully install, and cutting each piece to fit an irregularly shaped or even long wall can result in visible seams and bumps. 

How is FormCove different?

FormCove is a urethane material that you or a contractor can quickly mix, spread, and shape to make cove bases that form to the shape of the room and create a seamless base that seals the floor. With just a rounded cove trowel, you can quickly apply the material and let it cure so you have a completely finished base in under a day. Other benefits of using a urethane mix to create your own cove bases include:

  • Seamless bases: You can have the bases mixed and installed with the same appearance and finish as the flat flooring. This creates a seamless transition over the gap and leaves a clean, polished appearance without any gaps, bumps, or abrupt changes in the material. The lack of seam is also great for wet areas such as locker rooms and showers because there are no gaps or materials that can wick up moisture, leaving your rooms easy to clean and without the risk of water damage.
  • This system is both fast and affordable: Typically, you have to make the trade-off between getting the job done on a budget or getting a one-day turnaround. But FormCove cures quickly and installation takes less than half the time of installing traditional cove bases. You also need far fewer materials, which lowers the bill, and you or a contractor can apply the material whenever your property is ready.

Whether your whole building needs the gaps between the walls and flooring sealed or you redoing the flooring in one area, adding seamless cove bases that match the flooring creates a professional, minimalist look that sells well with corporate and service tenants. These bases also help seal wall interiors and the concrete flooring from water damage and chemical spills. Contact PolyTek Surface Coatings here to learn more about the cove base installation process and how you can pick a strong, versatile, base material for your commercial floors.