How Commercial Floor Coatings Can Improve Your Minnesota Business

When you are running a commercial space, you absolutely need to make sure that it not only functions well, but also looks good in the eyes of your customers. Sometimes, appearances really do matter. When you are doing business, you want to be sure that your space looks clean and attractive. Fortunately, the right floor coating provides your Minnesota business with a variety of benefits.

Old vs. New

If you have an older concrete floor that is damaged and/or stained, the thought of replacing it will hit you right in the wallet. As any business owner knows, the challenge is making your space look good without breaking the bank. As it turns out, a floor coating is a fantastic, cost-effective and time-effective way to help your business. 

Replacing an entire concrete floor is going to be costly. But at the same time, repair work in patches will result an uneven floor. The compromise between the two is simpler than you think: a coating that fixes your damaged floor reliably and smoothly, but without needing an entire replacement. 

Any business owner with concrete floors knows: your old concrete is either difficult or nearly impossible to clean. When you are walking or driving over it, you are constantly kicking up dirt and debris. Depending on the type of business you have, you may even run the risk of aggravating employees or patrons with allergies. 

A Smart Choice

Especially if your business includes a steady stream of customers, you want to your space to look clean and well-kept. A floor coating is going to do just that. You’ll get a beautiful and even floor, which also happens to be more durable. Any accidental spills can easily be wiped up without the fear or leaving marks or stains.

Additionally, a light colored coating can make your space look bigger and feel better. This can actually help to enhance your work environment, leading to increased satisfaction by both your employees and customers. 

And that’s not all. If you choose a coating with a skid resistant finish, you can actually make your business safer. You will eliminate any cracks or holes in the floor that could result in an employee or customer tripping, falling damaging equipment. You never want your floor to be a liability, and the right coating can prevent exactly that. 

A floor coating also adds longevity to your commercial space. During the cold Minnesota winters, people will come into your space with de-icing residue on their shoes that can actually break down concrete. With frequent and regular foot traffic, you may notice that especially areas around entrance doors will begin to deteriorate, and do so faster than other areas. A floor coating, on the other hand, will be able to withstand those chemicals without breaking down. 

And of course, perhaps the most important benefit of a floor coating as it applies to your business is the speed at which the project is complete. After the repair and installation you can use the floor again quickly. Instead of waiting weeks for a complete concrete replacement, you can get the same effect (and even improve your floor) in a matter of hours.

And let’s face it: you want to make the best choice for your business and your customers, which tends to include minimal downtime. A commerical flooring will be able to do just that. You’ll get a brand new floor in the fraction of the time. Your business will now be a place of pride not only for you, but your employees and customers.

Appearances are very important, no matter why type of business you have. A floor coating will give you a polished look, and will show everyone how much you value both aesthetics and function. To get started with your floor’s new coating, please contact us.