Health Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors in MN

People are quick to think that the mail benefit of polished concrete floors is how they look. While this is a major benefit since aesthetic appeal is everything in some environments, the flooring does offer other benefits that go way beyond how they look. There is the fact that it is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and there are a number of health benefits.

First of all, polished concrete floors make it easy to see dirt. When that dirt is spotted, the floor is very easy to clean. It doesn’t hold dirt like some of the other flooring options. When compared to carpet and wood, this makes it much more sanitary. Carpet and wood serves as a safe haven for pollen, dirt, and micro-organisms. The micro-organisms have the potential to decay and rot over time. Polished concrete will keep this from happening so that you do not have to worry about it.

In a commercial facility, it is very important for employees to work in an environment that is safe for them. The lack of dirt on the floor also makes the surface much safer to carry out operations on. Dirt and debris can actually make a floor slippery or cause the floor to deteriorate, creating a hazard that can result in injury.

Businesses also have the advantage of polished concrete lasting for decades since it is not conducive to organism or dust build-up. A regular concrete floor will not usually last for decades because it is so porous that moisture and debris gets into the pores. This can cause the concrete to wear, chip, break, and crack over time. Eventually, regular concrete that is not protected in any way needs replaced. When comparing the cost of concrete replacement to polishing concrete, there is a significant difference in the cost with concrete polishing being the cheapest.

When compared to carpet and other flooring materials, the others tend to foster mold growth when exposed to moisture. Even small amounts of mold and mildew can pose a health risk in the workplace. For instance, mold and mildew growth can contribute to asthma flare ups and make allergies worse. Polished concrete floors will provide employees with a much more comfortable work environment.

In order to know the best way to clean the flooring when you do notice dirt, you can ask your Twin cities concrete polishing professional at the time the polish is applied. That way you can ensure that improper cleaning methods are not used, allowing the floor to last as long as possible versus the incorrect cleaning methods damaging the floor. Even if the polish is damaged, it can be reapplied rather than the entire floor being replaced. The cost benefits, the health benefits, and the aesthetic appeal are all reasons why polished concrete has grown to be so popular all around Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, and the entire country.