Garage Foor Coatings In Minnesota Are Ideal For Winter

We have officially moved into fall, so we know that winter isn’t far behind. And with winter comes the harsh weather, cold temperatures, snow, and ice. For your garage, this snow and ice can not only damage your floor but can pose a hazard to you. This is why garage floor coatings in Minnesota are not necessarily optional.

Coatings Ideal For Wet Weather/Winter

Now is a great time to think about having your garage floor coated. A floor coating will not only help to protect your floor from the damaging effects caused by de-icing salt, but will also make it safe safe. That’s because it offers something regular concrete can’t: skid resistance.

Skid resistance is a remarkable feature of coated floors, and is achieved through a full chip coating. It leads to having better traction when walking on the surface under any condition. This feature is especially important during wet times, whether it’s rain the spring and summer or snow and ice in the winter.

Any type of water on a concrete floor can result in a slippery surface. And this slippery surface can pose a real danger.

Falling on your garage floor is especially dangerous if you are older. In that case, falls can be a lot more devastating and harder to recover from. But if you were to slip and fall in your garage, there is a chance you could be holding something and drop it, you could fall and hit your head on the hard floor, and of course you could fall and hit your body off the car.

No matter the scenario, falling is decidedly undesired. But if it happens in a tight space near a car, its negative effects compound. Or, if you are parent holding a small child, you not only risk hurting yourself but another life as well. A garage floor coating with skid resistance can significantly reduce that risk.

Needless to say, the peace of mind you’ll get with a skid resistant full chip coating is worth the effort. But that’s only one of the many positive things about having your garage floor coated.

A Coating Increases the Longevity Of Your Floor

Normal concrete is going to be damaged by de-icing salt. Not only will it leave residue and stains, but it will also break down the surface of the concrete over time, leaving it susceptible to water damage and chipping. By having your floor coated, you will completely eliminate that risk to your floor.

In addition, a coating provides a protective layer to your floor. If, for example, you work on your vehicle and spill oil, you don’t need to worry about creating a difficult-to-clean stain. This ease of cleaning is especially important if your garage serves a variety of purposes in addition to housing your car.

When you live in Minnesota, winters are notoriously brutal, so it’s important to make smart investments into your home. A garage floor coating will not only improve the overall look of the floor, taking it from plain concrete to something more attractive, but improve its function and durability, as well.

The thought of improving the functionality of your garage floor may have never even crossed your mind. But once you get a coating, you will begin to recognize its benefits. You can make it safer to walk across, and easier to clean. Even if you want to get your garage floor coated to simply improve its look, you’ll be getting quite a few other benefits from the coating.

And when it’s done by professionals, you will know that it will be done perfectly and turn into a beautiful and reliable floor. To learn more about how we can ready your garage floor for winter, please contact us.