Garage Floor Coatings In Minnesota Are Great For Landlords

If you own a home that you rent out, you always have to come up with ways to make your home more appeal to prospective renters. Maybe you’ve never considered it, but if your garage floor is beat up, stained, and unappealing, the value of your property will actually decrease in the eyes of potential renters. 

Especially when you live in Minnesota, the winter tends to result in very harsh weather that can erode and deteriorate your concrete floor. But with a coating, your floor will improve in both looks and function to benefit both you and your tenants.

A Smart Choice For a Rental

Several benefits suggest that a garage floor coating is ideal for a rental property. First, as mentioned above, it simply improves the overall look of the floor. This is very important if your tenants accidentally stain, or even chip your garage floor.

Accidents, of course, can always happen. But when the tenants move out, you might be left with a dirty, stained, and unappealing garage floor. Especially if the floor has chips and cracks, it might turn away future tenants.

Another reason that a garage floor coating is a wise choice is the fact that it can help to set your rental property apart from its competition. If you have a home that you want to rent out, chances are that when a tenant leaves, you need to find a new one as soon as possible to keep making a profit. Taking the extra step to make your garage floor look nice you can help make your home stand out, in a good way, against other units in the area. 

Finally, perhaps the most important reason for coating your garage floor is the durability this coating adds. Not only will it result in a beautiful finish, but your concrete underneath will be repaired as part of the project. After completion, the floor will be smooth and even, able to withstand a significantly higher amount of wear and tear. Especially if you have tenants that like to work on their car, you don’t need to worry about them spilling oil or other chemicals and leaving permanent stains as a result. 

A coating adds skid resistance to your floor. It makes the floor safer to walk on, especially if your tenants bring a wet car into the garage or if they are walking in with snow residue on their shoes. After a coating, you can proudly say that you’ve made the floor a little safer in tough conditions. 

Another benefit of a garage floor coating that applies specifically to landlords is the fact that it is easy to clean. You might require your tenants to clean clean the home before they move out, or you or you hire a company do the cleaning between tenants. Either way, you can rest assured knowing that the process is smooth, simple, and thorough.

Better yet, if you have a prospective tenant with severe dust allergies, a coated garage floor reduces the amount of dust particles that are kicked up compared to a regular concrete floor. Untouched concrete floors will constantly produce a fine dust as the surface is slowly eroded away. Your property immediately becomes more appealing to tenants with allergies with a coating. 

A garage floor coating can be installed in about a day, and you will reap the benefits of this coating for many years to come. If you are a landlord who owns and rents out a property with a garage, you shouldn’t hesitate to have the floor coated. Your garage will instantly become more attractive, more durable, and more functional than ever before.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to proudly tell your prospective tenants that you take great care of your home, right down to the garage. To lean more about all of your options, please contact us.