Garage Floor Coatings Great For Your Man When You Live In Minnesota

So you are trying to think of something fun and interesting to do for the special man in you life. One of the things he does is spend a lot of time in the garage. Whether he’s working on a vehicle or on another project, he likes to be out there doing his own thing. One way to surprise him in that’s sure to make an impact is to get a garage floor coating

Why Get The Garage Floor Coated?

Having your garage floor coated means you’re not only going to make it look fantastic, but also improve its function considerably. If anything gets spilled on the floor, from oil to paint, it can be easily wiped away.

This, in turn, means that after your man does his projects in the garage, the mess he leaves behind can be cleaned up easily, and the garage will look like he never even worked in there. It also means that when you get a chip coating, you are adding important skid resistance to your floor which is ideal when you floor gets wet from rain or snow off your car’s tires.

Additionally, a coated floor will help to prevent any damage from salt in the winter. When you live in Minnesota, snow and ice are simply a typical part of winter. That, of course, means that you will bring salt and other deicing chemicals into your garage via your tires. With normal concrete, these chemicals can actually damage your concrete. But when you have a coated garage floor, it’s going to provide protection to your concrete while at the same time looking amazing.

Also, if your current concrete floor is in bad shape, a coating can be the fix you need. Whether your concrete has chips, spalling, or current stains and damage, the process of concrete coating includes your floor getting fixed first. By the time the coating is applied, it will look as good as new. 

Fast To Install

One of the best parts of having your garage floor coated, especially if you are having it done as a surprise, is that how quickly the process can be done. I, fact, if your garage floor is 2000 sq ft or less, you can have your entire garage coated in one day, which means you can walk on it within 4 to 6 hours after application.

And in only 24 hours, you’ll already be able to park your car. So if you can get your man out of the house for the day, your old and busted garage floor will be looking better than ever and will already be usable again by the time he comes home.

Unparalleled Quality

Finally, the best part of having your garage floor coated is that it will not only be a great surprise for your significant other, but also ends up as great investment in your home. And when you are hiring professionals with plenty of experience, great knowledge, and superior products, the job is will be done quickly and well.

Attempting to coat your own garage floor can be a long and tedious task, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. By hiring professionals you will be able to give your man a great gift without having to worry about doing the work yourself. 

With so many options of coatings to consider, you’ll be sure to find something that you and your significant other will like. Whether he has a car that he really cares about or loves to work on different projects in the garage, he will benefit directly from this surprise. In fact, he’ll be shocked that you thought of something so creative and different. In the meantime, your garage will go from drab to fabulous in as little as a day. To get the process started, please contact us.