Four Ways Floor Coatings can be a Family-Friendly Flooring Option

If you have areas in your home that your family would love to use but need an overhaul first, a great way to start might be with your flooring options. Basements, garages, or rec rooms might have potential, but might be outdated or unfinished. A fresh floor coating can get most interior spaces back into shape and ready for your family to use again. Here are four reasons professional floor coatings can help make areas of your home a more family-friendly environment.

1. Making Your Home Fun for Kids

If your family needs to get through long winters in Minnesota, having space in your home for fun is key. Sturdy flooring is a great way to get started making the interior of your home a fun place for your family when they are cooped up through the winter months. Basements are a great place to let your kids be kids and have their own space to relax. If your garage isn’t being used to its potential, a simple floor coating can get this space more habitable and can transform a space into a kid hangout, gym, or play area for the entire family to enjoy. Having more space in your home for your kids to stretch out and not feel so cooped up can make everyone more calm and your home a happier place to be in.

2. Long-Term Durability

Floors coated with a polyurea finish can handle wear and tear as well as weather-related issues that might cause damages to more traditional flooring. If you are designing an area in your home for kids to roughhouse, a floor coating in a basement or garage might be the perfect fit to handle this type of activity. If you live in an area that might be prone to humidity or abrupt weather changes, a floor coating can handle these harsh climates as well. Carpeting and laminate might let in moisture or can break down faster than a more durable floor coating and might not have the lasting power that your family needs.  

3. Keeping Your Family Safe

You might have areas of your home that your kids love to play in, but if your floors harbor mold and mildew, a change is needed. While you might have mats or temporary carpeting down in areas of the home your children play, these can hide dirt and grime. By getting old flooring materials up and replacing with a wall-to-wall floor coating, you can ensure your home will be safer for your kids. Polyurea floorings are safe and reliable for your entire family. This will be a sanitary option that will protect your family from bacteria and mold that older floorings might be more prone to harboring.

4. Getting Started on Long-Term Renovations

If you are thinking about redoing your garage or basement but don’t know where to start, a new floor coating might be your answer. By clearing out spaces in your home that you would love to use but need to be updated, you will pave the way to having more room for your family to relax and take part in more activities. Garages can be turned into home gyms, and basements can be a teen hangout, especially during the winter months. Once you have the right flooring in place, other upgrades can be made along the way to make spaces in your home more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for ways to update areas of your home that aren’t being used to their potential, floor coatings can be a great option. Flooring upgrades in spaces that might be more for utility such as a cracked garage floor or damp basement are perfect candidates for this. Residential floor coatings can be installed quickly and efficiently. This can be a great addition when it comes to making your home safer, cleaner, and more family friendly. If you are looking into family-friendly flooring options, contact us to find out more about floor coatings that might be just the upgrade that your family needs.