Four Ways a Polyurea Floor Coating Can Save You Money

Whether you’re a real estate investor or you own a business, having a property that looks great without constantly needing pricey maintenance can be invaluable when it comes to drawing in business and keeping expenses low. Here are a few ways choosing a polyurea, or polyaspartic, floor coating for your commercial building can save you money:

  • Check with your insurance provider. Just like with home insurance providers, who can offer discounts for security devices and renovations that lead to less risk of claims, commercial insurance providers have a system of incentives if businesses can demonstrate that they’re making additions or changing processes that mean less risk for the providers. If you can lower your premiums for any aspect of your business, this can mean significant annual savings, especially if you’re in the commercial real estate business and can decide on renovations yourself. Polyaspartic floorings provide protection for the underlying concrete floors, both against chemical damage and physical impact, which means you will need fewer repairs over time. If your insurance plan requires your provider to chip in for certain types of repairs, anything that significantly reduces the frequency of those claims is something they will be interested in.
  • Polyaspartic floors save you money on cleaning costs. Just like within any commercial setting, clients and third-parties expect to see a clean, regularly maintained environment. This is especially true for any medical businesses or if you have a restaurant or grocery store. But regularly maintaining floors that seem to absorb stains, like hardwood, concrete, or grout around tiles, can be a large expense. Our polyurea floor coatings are just the opposite since the surface is highly resistant to staining and chemicals. All you need is a paper towel or a sponge to quickly mop up new spills, and regularly sweeping and mopping the surface will keep it well-maintained for years. Also, depending on the textured appearance or color of the coating you choose, small stains that drip onto your floor during the course of the business day won’t be an immediate eyesore and you can clean them at the end of the day as part of your regular routine.
  • Having a durable floor coating means not having to repair or replace it. If you own real estate, you know that the best kinds of renovations are the ones that you don’t have to keep making. Some commercial floor coatings, like epoxy, will start to crack and chip over time. The temperature shifts and extreme weather in Minnesota can also make epoxy crack since it isn’t flexible enough to expand and contract with the underlying concrete. If your building has a lot of customer foot-traffic, this can lead to a loss of business or your tenants frequently calling in for patch jobs and floor repair. But changing your flooring to a polyurea coating, or choosing polyurea first, is a simple, quick way to have a far more durable floor that is far more resistant to abrasion, cracking due to weather shifts, and other damages. This flooring will outlast the alternatives so you can spend your time on acquiring new properties or focusing on your business. Also, because PolyTek Surface Coatings can install a polyurea flooring quickly and it cures over the course of just one day, it’s not a renovation that will interrupt your schedule.
  • The appearance of your flooring matters. Tiles at the front of a store or near windows start to yellow under constant sunlight, and anytime you rearrange your store’s aisles or front display, the difference is highly visible. The same is true with epoxy coatings and other types of commercial flooring. But polyurea floors are completely UV stable, which means exposure to ultraviolet light won’t discolor your floors or make them fade. Whether you have a small store, a market, or a commercial garage, having a sunny property makes it more inviting, and you shouldn’t have to pay for repairs that keep the floors looking bright and new.

Running a business is as much about reducing costs as it is about making revenue, and, if you’re in the market for new flooring because your current floors are losing you customers or money, then choosing a polyurea floor is the best option. It’s long-lasting, strong, and just might be what your insurance provider is looking for, too. If you want to learn more about the specifics or schedule a time for installation that won’t interfere with your business, contact us here.