Floor Polishing for Showroom Floors in Minneapolis

When walking into a showroom in Minneapolis, you will find that the flooring tends to be glossy. This is because it improves visibility of the merchandise that is being looked at. For instance, walk into a car dealership and look at how high gloss the floor is. The flooring also has to be strong and sometimes it is much stronger than it looks since beauty isn’t always associated with durability.

Without that polished concrete floor, the room would be darker. The reflectivity wouldn’t be there to brighten the room to where the vehicles can be seen well. This is one reason why car dealership showrooms are surrounded by windows – not only can people passing by on the street see what is inside, but those inside are able to see the pure beauty of the vehicles that they are looking at.

This is something that is true for any showroom, such as a motorcycle showroom or even a furniture store that decides to use polished concrete flooring instead of carpeting.

There is a need in many industries that have a showroom floor where they show off some of their most prized merchandise. However, not all polishing is created equal because the needs of each industry vary and that is why it is important to have a professional polished concrete installer evaluate your needs, your flooring, and the type of traffic it will receive in order to match your floor with the right coating.


In terms of durability, polished concrete has a very high durability factor when compared to other types of flooring. The shine that is created within a showroom makes it look more professional, while also being highly functional. When a showroom is professional, those who walk into it expect that the company carries the same standard throughout all of its business practices. The greatest part about the flooring, however, is that the polishing is fast, it is affordable, and it is easy to maintain.

It has to be durable in order to handle heavy merchandise being moved in and out of the room, as well as the weight of them over time. There is also a lot of foot traffic in the room, so there are different types of traffic that are occurring here. It is important that a car, tractor, or other piece of heavy merchandise be moved in and out without a trace. If you have ever wondered how a car dealership gets cars into a showroom without any trace on the floor, the flooring type is how.

Working with Existing Concrete

Many businesses throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul have had their existing concrete coated rather than having to have new concrete installed. While new concrete installation is warranted at times, many times the existing floor can be worked with. Basically, you’re getting an upgrade rather than a floor replacement and the coating will allow that same floor to last much longer than it would otherwise. That makes for a much more affordable alternative to floor replacement, while also ensuring that the showroom looks like it has been transformed.